30 November 2023
The federal government confirmed today that it has arranged to procure at least 14 Boeing P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft through an arrangement with the U.S. government
29 November 2023
The House of Commons defence committee has called on the government to pretty well overhaul military health services in their entirety, including a core recommendation that the Canadian Forces Health Services funding model be updated to address surging demand against a backdrop of flagging recruitment
27 November 2023
Echoing a call by a former Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the House of Commons defence committee has recommended that the government revisit a plan to sole-source new surveillance aircraft.
23 November 2023
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s recent disclosure that the alliance is considering an increased presence in the Western Balkans was followed almost immediately by Albania’s call for support and while Canada maintains a small presence there, a possible increase isn’t yet in the cards.
21 November 2023
as the federal government moves to trim overall spending, National Defence is among the departments in the government's crosshairs as significant approved funding on capital procurements goes unspent.
20 November 2023
Lieutenant-General Jennie Carignan, who oversees the Canadian Armed Forces' professional conduct and culture program, says even though “changing mindsets and introducing new processes takes time", there is a general "sense of hope" as the military community addresses a long-standing issue of sexual assault.
2 November 2023
Auditor General Yves Giroux suggested today that although the lifecycle cost of its planned acquisition of 88 new fighters for the RCAF had risen by nearly $4 billion in the last couple of years, to an estimated $73.9 billion, it was not out of line with expectations.
31 October 2023   (KEN POLE)
The Federal Court has dismissed six applications for a judicial review of the federal government’s 2020 move to reclassify certain types of rifles as “assault” weapons.
19 October 2023
The Canadian Army has four new ambulances as General Dynamics begins deliveries of  360 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles sooner than scheduled.
20 September 2023   (KEN POLE)
Less than two months into his new job as Minister of National Defence, Bill Blair has returned from a whirlwind visit to Scotland, England and Germany in what could be construed as a "charm offensive" designed to defuse NATO's frustration that Canada remains well short of the alliance's military spending targets for its members.
15 September 2023
In 1993, Canadian soldiers faced what is considered by many to be the toughest and largest-scale action faced by our troops during the half-century between the Korean War and Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. Today, we commemorate their sacrifice and their intense commitment to peace and security. 
15 September 2023
A ceremony, including a fly-past, will mark the 83rd anniversary of the Battle of Britain on Sunday, September 17, 2023 from 10:30 a.m. until noon. 
15 September 2023
15 Sept 2023 is designated Military Family Appreciation Day, and the Ministers of National Defence and Veterans Affairs issued a statement of support to Canadian military families. As an integral part of the Defence community, they bring their resilient spirit to each new posting, and strengthen the places in which they set down new roots. Military families represent Canadian values and embody the best of our country. (english and french messages)
14 September 2023   (ALAN WILLIAMS)
Former ADM (materiel), Alan Williams, takes a critical look at the Canadian Surface Combatant procurement from the taxpayer's perspective. Comparing costs and quotes on similar projects from other countries, he finds that Canadian taxpayers are paying 2-3 times more for the CSC ships under the project management of Irving Shipbuilding.
14 September 2023
Runners are once again gearing up to conquer the streets of Ottawa in support of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) during the highly-anticipated 2023 edition of Canada Army Run, presented by BMO, which is scheduled for this Sunday, September 17th. Many additional activities and entertainment will be held in and around Cartier Square Drill Hall beginning on Sept 15th, including the BMO Kids’ Zone.
11 September 2023
While the Department of National Defence continues the Herculean task of chipping away at a decades-old policy about how misconduct has been managed through the chain-of-command, lengthy delays in one case have forced a civilian judge to stay proceedings in one of the earliest case transferred from military jurisdiction.
8 September 2023
As the 2026 target for first deliveries of 88 F-35 fighters draws ever closer, Canada is monitoring Lockheed Martin’s output which has been slowed by new supply-chain issues, but DND acknowledges that “as with any program, challenges can arise in the production, testing and certification of software and hardware.”
7 September 2023
The Business Council of Canada, formerly the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, wants the government to give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the legal authority to "proactively" work with the private sector in countering the growing cyberthreats by hostile foreign interests.
15 August 2023
Two Royal Canadian Navy frigates, accompanied by a support ship, left their Vancouver Island home port August 14 in the latest Canadian deployment in support of a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.
8 August 2023
The 105th anniversary of the Battle of Amiens is acknowledged today. This crucial engagement opened the door to victory in the final phase of the First World War. It was the start of three months of stunning battlefield achievements that became known as “Canada’s Hundred Days,” where the actions of our soldiers helped define the Canadian Corps as one of the most effective fighting forces on the Western Front.