CHRIS MacLEAN  |  July 2008

Canada’s Minister of National Defence, Peter MacKay, briefs readers on the Canada First Defence Strategy.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 2008

Careful assessment of the post 9/11 global security environment has uncovered important niche requirements that the navy is perfectly suited to fill.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  March 2008

Many new names have joined the ranks of FrontLine contributors.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  January 2008

FrontLine’s "Great Debate" on procurement looks at the situation from many angles... none of them very good.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  March 2006

Communicating with the public is increasingly being seen as an essential (and inevitable) aspect of maintaining public support for Canada's dangerous missions. Both CF and government leaders have repeatedly stated the need to rally support for the young Canadian men and women who are presently in harms way…

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  November 2005

Does the word “cooperation” surface in your work as often as it does in FrontLine articles? How about teamwork, interoperability, integration, or sharing?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  January 2004

Welcome to the new FrontLine. This new magazine brings together many well-known writers and industry experts to offer another voice on the defence and enforcement scene. With the Canadian public becoming more and more aware of the issues and challenges in this sector, we certainly believe there is a need for this new publication.