5 June 2023

Recent announcements about the two top positions in North American Aerospace & Defence Command underscore how U.S. promotions and senior command appointments are more politicized than they are in Canada, a situation enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  23 May 2023

Canada continues to dodge NATO calls for defence spending. There is a long-standing complaint that Canada continues to fall short of the alliance’s stated goal that its members’ defence spending should equal a minimum of 2% of gross domestic product.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 July 2022

Promises to keep and miles to go. The long and often frustrating overhaul of Canada’s military justice system continues. Even with the recent implementation of Bill C-77 (a package of amendments to the National Defence Act intended to protect vulnerable witnesses within the military justice system), the road ahead is long.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  28 June 2021

Canada continues to reiterate Canada’s “unwavering” commitment to the alliance, and has steadfastly answered calls for troops, equipment and materiel for a range of missions and exercises.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  20 May 2019

How legislative and regulatory changes will affect future military exports is unclear at this stage, but begs a fundamental question: is it possible to keep the sticky hands of politics out of it?

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  5 December 2018

Two years ago, VAdm Mark Norman was temporarily relieved as VCDS. His lawyer, Marie Henein, is revved up for a showdown in court, but may have difficulty getting access to classified documents needed to defend her client.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  4 October 2018

Twitter is reshaping and redefining the rules and boundaries of what is, and what is not, ‘acceptable’ public discourse including by Government communicators faced with the challenge, the opportunity, and the risk of using such technology.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  14 August 2018

Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO’s worst fears could be summed up in two words: Warsaw Pact. Nowadays, it seems, two other words have come to represent NATO’s worst fears: Donald Trump. What kind of impact is Trump having on NATO?

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  10 May 2018

Helicopters and personnel will be deployed to Mali in August to augment what is arguably the most challenging UN mission in recent years. In addition to the challenges of protecting its own assets while supporting other members of the coalition, is the prospect of introducing female troops and personnel into a conflict zone where Muslim extremists control large swaths of the country.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  11 April 2018

The more things change, the more they stay the same. NATO, ATT, international trade, human rights abuses – can anyone get it right?

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 February 2018

The concept of a “social covenant” is being taken to the Supreme Court of Canada. The BC Court of Appeal decided this solemn obligation does not exist – what will the Supreme Court have to say? Stay tuned.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  27 November 2017

Canada has a long and usually proud record in the world of international peacekeeping. But the world has changed, and with it, the nature of the mission. Now called "peace enforcement" – it is very dangerous.