FrontLine has gathered a select group of organizations in the safety, security and defence sectors that take their innovative priorities seriously. From advanced materials to cutting-edge technologies and imaginative research, you will no doubt hear more from these companies in the future. Contact us today for ­inclusion in our next edition of Top Global Innovators.

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The Government of Canada is currently investing in infrastructure to provide defence scientists with modern (and green) facilities to continue cutting-edge defence research well into the future. The first to benefit is the Valcartier Research Centre, where construction began in October 2020.

Rheinmetall Canada has recently expanded to take over production of Germany-based Rheinmetall Group’s Mobile Start Units. MSUs have both military and commercial applications and a broad international appeal, thus bolstering Canada’s presence as an engineering leader.

With its main operations at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station in Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island, Nunavut, it’s a key stop for marine traffic through the Northwest Passage – an increasingly accessible region that presents environmental, political and strategic opportunities.

Focused on delivering connected solutions that ensure their military, government and civilian customers can successfully complete their most complex and critical missions, Collins Aerospace continues to innovate in areas such as communications; data links and assured navigation; missionized systems for specialized aircraft and spacecraft; collaborative ISR; and more.

While flying longer missions, carrying heavier payloads, and reaching higher altitudes, the taskings of unmanned aerial systems now include sovereignty missions, observing the effects of climate change, patrolling borders and coastlines, and protecting troops in close combat. With the TP model, the IAI Heron family of multi-mission UAS has taken yet another technological leap forward.

The Israeli-developed EZ Raider electric-powered personal transportation system for security personnel and soldiers will soon have an autonomous version for added capability of transporting soldiers or security personnel and equipment through rough and off-road terrains.

The Tactical Edge Network is a single, intuitive user interface that simplifies the end-to-end administration of complex, sensitive (even multinational) communications networks.