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A Green New Research Centre

The science and technology organization of the Department of National Defence, DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada) operates seven research centres across Canada – Dartmouth in Nova Scotia; Valcartier in Quebec; Ottawa and Toronto in Ontario; and Medicine Hat in Alberta – each with a unique combination of expertise and facilities to carry out world-class science and technology research.

The Government of Canada is currently investing in infrastructure to provide defence scientists with modern (and green) facilities to continue cutting-edge defence research well into the future. The first to benefit is the Valcartier Research Centre.

Phase One construction began in Valcartier in October 2020.

Jean-Yves Duclos, President of the Treasury Board, recently announced the construction of a new research facility to modernize the Valcartier Research Centre in Quebec. The $144-million construction contract, awarded to Québec City-based EBC for Phase One, is expected to create more than 750 jobs and economic benefits for the region.

“This major investment in scientific and military research is excellent news for the economy of our region,” said Duclos. “In 2020, we know that we must rely on knowledge to ensure our future prosperity and this project fits perfectly into this logic.”

The entire $272-million project to upgrade the DRDC Valcartier Research Centre has been divided into three phases. Phase One, which just began, includes construction of a 31,000-m2 research complex, which will feature approximately 80 new multi-disciplinary laboratories, as well as office and storage spaces. Due to be completed in 2024, this new research facility will consolidate nearly 500 defence scientists from different locations on-site into one centrally-located building with modern, collaborative research spaces. 

These upgraded research facilities will enable DRDC personnel to continue innovating in the fast-paced research and development environment they operate in. Their research spans information systems, tactical surveillance and reconnaissance, weapons systems and vehicle and personnel protection systems, and more, all aimed at meeting the future science and technology needs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Artistic depictions of the new facility to be completed in 2024. In addition to approximately 80 multi-disciplinary laboratories, the 31,000 m2 research complex will also include office and storage spaces. 

The science and technology organization of the Department of National Defence, DRDC provides the defence community, CAF, other government departments, as well as the public safety and security communities, with the knowledge and technology advantage needed to defend and protect Canada’s security and interests at home and abroad. The Valcartier Research Centre is the largest of seven DRDC centres across the country.

Modernizing and greening defence infrastructure has multiple benefits – it supports the needs of a modern military, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and saves on energy costs.The new research facility will be built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver standards, and will use approximately 38% less energy than a similar sized building. 

Phase two of this project, which includes construction of a garage and the renovation of several existing buildings, is estimated to begin in fall 2024. Phase three, which includes demolition of 45 additional buildings, is targeted to start in 2027. 

“Forward-thinking infrastructure is key to supporting the unique needs of DND’s science and technology community,” said Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of Defence. Our personnel require access to modern and functional workspaces equipped with the latest innovations to help them develop solutions to meet the CAF’s science and technology challenges. These new facilities will keep the Defence Team on the leading edge of defence research and development into the future.”

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