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Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) – is a complex beast, an amorphous concept without a precise doctrinal definition. The C4ISR industry landscape is vast and solutions vary from vendor to vendor, often both in concept and approach. In Defence and Public Safety organizations now, one of the most common challenges is that information is kept in different silos and with different, often legacy systems.

Establishing, managing and maintaining complex and possibly multinational military communications networks, is a highly challenging task for network managers – as reliability and integrity must be maintained 24/7 – even in the most challenging environments, all around the globe.

Accenture has a groundbreaking new solution for this market. The TEN XR system is designed to bridge those different access technologies in a meshed network fashion that is able to provide seamless interoperability with legacy tactical radio systems and voice communications. 

Accenture TEN RX system

TEN XR simplifies the administration of entire end-to-end military or sensitive communications networks through the employment of a single, intuitive user interface that has been designed to evolve along with technology.

Being fully modular with true interoperability, it can utilize any type of existing communications system or provide new network capability anywhere and with high data throughput.

The system utilizes the Digital Twin (DT) methodology, which assures simulation capability for better and faster operational decision making and planning as well as real time Blue Force Tracking, Soldier and Asset Status Monitoring, ERP integration, and more. TEN XR offers full AI integration to support various tasks, from image recognition via intelligent additive manufacturing to advanced DT management.

Visualization of operations planning and assets is provided in multiple fidelities and platforms, based on situation, available computing power and data bandwidth.

Pierre Dupont, Accenture’s Defence and Public Safety Lead, says the TEN XR solution “integrates with existing Battle Management Systems and ERP Systems to always provide the highest possible Situational Aware­ness in the most complex of situations, anywhere and anytime.”

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