Logistik Unicorp

Over its 30 year history, Canada’s Logistik Unicorp has become a global leader in uniform apparel.

“We dress over 320,000 Canadian men and women working in a variety of corporate and government organizations including the Department of National Defence, our largest client,” says Karine Bibeau, VP Client Experience. For the past 26 years, the cooperative relationship between DND and Logistik has enabled numerous technical advancements as well as enhanced service levels and increased overall efficiency – notably with the groundbreaking introduction of “Clothing Online” (the uniform procurement web platform that continues to generate significant, recurrent savings). 

According to the company, Logistik delivers more than 2.6 million items annually to the Canadian military at locations across the country as well as to troops deployed abroad.

Company competencies include military uniform design specialists, data protection technology, testing laboratory, secured warehousing and more. 

Logistik’s design specialists prioritize in-depth knowledge of client-specific needs for optimization of services and products. “Our dedicated military contracts management team is in constant collaboration with DND on areas such as performance requirements, IT developments, and new design features, improvements which, under the Logistik model of extended in-house capabilities and reduced inventory load, can be implemented with a greatly shortened transition span,” says Bibeau.

These diversified skills also benefit militaries around the world: Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany rely on Logistik affiliates for military dress and combat uniforms. “As a supplier to the defence forces of three of the Five Eyes countries – Canada, Australia and New Zealand – our group’s proven skill set and credibility in combat clothing and equipment reaches far and wide,” declares Louis& Bibeau, President and CEO. 

Agility and international expertise define Logistik’s leading-edge services and products to armed forces around the globe.

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Logistik Unicorp
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Contact: Louis Bibeau, CEO
Tel: +1-450-349-9710