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MGen (ret) CLIVE ADDY National Security

Clive Addy served for 35 years in the Canadian Forces. Among his many posts, he was Commander of the Cdn Brigade in Germany, Deputy Chief of Staff (Ops) at Central Army Group in Heidelberg, Chief of Staff of Mobile Command, and Commander of Land Forces, Western Canada. Retiring in 1996 at the rank of Major-General, he then helped draft an audit of Emergency Preparedness for British Columbia. Clive Addy is the founder and inspirational leader of the Ottawa-based National Security Group.

ERIC C. ANDERSON Military Intelligence

Eric C. Anderson is a retired member of the U.S. intelligence community who served tours of duty in Hawaii, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Washington, D.C. The aerospace engineer is a co-founder and chairman of Space Adventures Ltd., the first commercial spaceflight company, which has arranged eight missions for privately funded individuals to the International Space Station since 2001.

K. ANGUS Public Safety & Cyber Security

An educator for 30 years, K. Angus became interested in topics related to public safety and began writing to educate the public more about challenges that frontline safety and security experts face every day. 

ANGUS REID POLL Opinion Polling

The Angus Reid Institute is a national, not-for-profit, non-partisan public opinion research foundation established to enhance and encourage better understanding of issues and trends affecting economic, social, governance, philanthropy, public administration, domestic and foreign policy in Canada and its world.


Richard Archer's career in the RCN included command at sea; two shore postings with the Royal Navy, one at Staff College at Greenwich; plus Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with the USN; and NATO HQ in Brussels. Civilian life included a 7-year position at NATO HQ. On return to Ottawa, he became National Executive Director of the Naval Officers Association of Canada.


The Canadian Army is the land component of the Canadian Armed Forces and is its largest element. The Army protects and defends Canadian territory and contributes to the collective defence of North America. Articles written by Army Public Affairs highlight some of the work done by soldiers in the Canadian Army.

Capt(N) PETER AVIS Security & Intelligence

Peter Avis served on a number of frigates and destroyers, was the XO of HMCS Ville de Quebec and the elite Sea Training Unit, and was CO of HMCS Fredericton. He served as senior policy advisor for Transportation Security and Emergency Mgmt in the PCO. He was called back to NDHQ as Chief of Staff for the Board of Inquiry on Detainees in Afghanistan. Retired in 2008, he joined Lansdowne Technologies as a Senior Consultant for Defence and Security.

MARKO BABIC Strategic Analysis and Planning

Marko Babic, a former Strategic Analyst with NATO HQ, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation is an independent analyst conducting foresight analysis for NATO. An Army Reservist, he has served as an Infanteer and Canadian Ranger. Mr. Babic graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and continues to be an aspiring student of military and strategic studies in Calgary, Alberta.

CLAUDE BACHAND Defence Critic, the Bloc Québécois

Claude Bachand has been a Bloc Québécois Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Saint-Jean (Québec) since 1993. He has served Canadians as critic for Indian Affairs and Northern Development for three years, and more recently has also served as critic for Defence and also for Veterans Affairs. He is also active with the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

BRUCE BAILEY Commercial Aviation

Bruce's aerospace career began with Telesat Canada, Canadian Marconi Company, then BAE Systems Canada, and on to CMC Electronics Inc. He started at CMC as a Project Engineer from 1983-90; Product Manager, Antenna Systems, from 1990-1998; then Director, Avionics Antenna Systems, from 1998-2000. He was appointed Vice President, Aviation Electronics, CMC Electronics in April 2000 and Vice President, Commercial Aviation in July 2002.

Col (ret) TONY BATTISTA Military and Policing

Tony Battista served 40 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring at the rank of Colonel in 2014. He served in a variety of staff, command and operational tours at home and abroad, including personal assistant to the Chief of the Defence Staff, professor at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, senior Military Police Officer at National Defence Headquarters, Air Force Provost Marshal, a year in Afghanistan, and 11 years overseas. After retiring from the CAF, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Conference of Defence Associations and the CDA Institute for 4 years and, most recently, was an executive with IBM Canada-Federal Government. Tony is a life member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

JEAN BEAUDIN Defence Research

Jean Beaudin currently serves as a manager of communications and information management for Defence R&D Canada. His 20-year-long public affairs career contains a relatively even mix of managing domestic and international communications, writing speeches for ministers and senior officials, and serving in every other capacity as a communications strategist and advisor.

Dr. DAVID BERCUSON Canadian Defence Policy

A prolific writer and editor of popular and academic works, Dr. Bercuson also does regular television and radio commentary. In 2004, he received the Vimy Award which recognizes Canadians who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to defence and security and the preservation of democratic values. He is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at UCalgary.

BRIAN BERUBE Defence Strategic Communications

Brian Berube has served as a strategic communications advisor to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Directorate of CBRN Defence, the CAF’s Canada Command, DND Public Affairs, the Government of Canada's Sustainment Initiative for military equipment and fleets, and the Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force of the Canadian International Development Agency. He was advising at Global Affairs Canada at the time of his health-related retirement in 2019.

JEAN JACQUES BLAIS Former Cabinet Minister

The Honourable Jean Jacques Blais, P.C., Q.C., served as Minister of National Defence (1983-84). He is Chairman Emeritus of the Pearson Peacekeeping Center and Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. In 2003, he spent nine months in Afghanistan and Iraq on Elections related missions, and has recently returned from Sri Lanka where he chaired a Parliamentary study group on conflict-affected societies.

CHRISTOPHER BOBYN International Photojournalist

Christopher Bobyn is a Canadian photojournalist. His work has included extensive coverage of the former-Yugoslavia, the Syrian civil war and the Egyptian revolution. his work on the aftermath of conflict in Kosovo was accompanied by a documentary film on the same subject, which he also directed. He has produced photographic and film work for the EU, NGO’s, and various outlets including National Geographic, Deutsche Welle, The Guardian, and MSNBC.


BLG is a national legal firm that recognizes the importance of timely, innovative and relevant legal advice. Drawing on the strengths of knowledgeable and skilled individuals who represent a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds, underscores BLG's core value of maintaining a diverse team (currently more than 725 lawyers, intellectual property agents and other professionals) to provide a broad range of legal solutions.

Dr. BERNARD BOT Diplomatic Service

Born in Indonesia in 1937, Dr. Bernard Bot studied at Leiden and Harvard Universities, entering the Dutch diplomatic service in 1963. He served in a.o. Buenos Aires, East Berlin and as Ambassador in Ankara, deputy-permanent representative to NATO and, from 1992 until 2002, as permanent representative to the European Union. Dr. Bot was the Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs between 2003 and 2007. Part of this article is an adaptation of his Beyen lecture, delivered in Utrecht on 6 March 2004.

BRETT BOUDREAU Military Communications

Brett Boudreau served with the Canadian military for 28 years, mainly in the field of public affairs, retiring as a Colonel and the senior military PAO in the CAF. After retiring in 2009, he has been providing strategic communications consulting to Government, the private sector and NATO. He is currently based in London, UK.

CHRIS BOUQUET U.S. Government Contracts

Chris Bouquet is a senior lawyer in the firm’s U.S. government contracts law practice in Washington, D.C., and a frequent speaker and writer on U.S. government contracts topics.

Dr. JAMES BOUTILIER Asia-Pacific Policy

Dr. James Boutilier has held posts at various universities throughout his career. He is the Asia-Pacific Policy Advisor at Canada’s Maritime Forces Pacific HQ in Esquimalt, British Columbia. His field of expertise is Asia-Pacific defence and security, and has written extensively on maritime and security concerns. He lectures nationally and internationally on political, economic, and security developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

ALAIN BOVIS Naval Shipbuilding & Systems Integration

Alain Bovis retired at the rank of Rear-Admiral after 27 years as a Naval Constructor within the French Ministry of Defense. In industry, he has been successively head of the DCNS propulsion systems branch, Managing Director of Armaris, a joint venture between DCNS and THALES; He is also a Professor of Naval Architecture in several academic institutions.

JUDY BRADT Government Contracts

Judy Bradt is Principal and CEO of Summit Insight, and is dedicated to maximizing Canadian companies' effectiveness and win rate when they seek US government business – especially in the defence and security niche. She writes and consults for Canadian firms and the trade facilitators who serve them, and is a renowned speaker at conferences across North America on secrets to US government contract success.

RICHARD BRAY Writer/Reporter

Richard Bray began his media career in 1972 in West Germany as an announcer with the Canadian Forces Network, a radio service for Canadian military personnel serving with NATO. Before 1984 when he began a freelance career, Mr. Bray worked with the national radio and television networks of the CBC in Toronto as a producer, reporter and senior news editor.

ALAN BREAKSPEAR Writer/Intelligence

Alan Breakspear began his consulting practice in 1994 after a distinguished career in Canada’s federal Public Service (CSE, PCO, TBS Program Branch, CSIS and the Solicitor General Secretariat). He is now President and CEO of Ibis Research, and a Director of BGB Advantage Corp. providing international clients with services in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

Col (ret) ANGUS BROWN Military Historian

A former Armoured officer, Angus Brown works in Ottawa as a consultant and military historian, served as Vice-President of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum.

Capt(N) B.R. BROWN Navy

Captain(N) Brown retired from the Canadian Navy following 37 years of service in 2003. During his career he commanded the destroyer HMCS IROQUOIS and the Canadian Training Group Pacific. He also worked on the Joint Staff at NDHQ with responsibility for planning all CF deployed operations. During his final years in the Navy he served as Canada's Defence Attaché to Japan. He is currently serving as a Naval Reservist in the position of Special Adviser to the Director General Maritime Personnel and Readiness at NDHQ.

DAVE BROWN Columnist: Lest We Forget

During a 38-year career as a newspaper columnist Dave Brown wrote 10,000 daily columns, many of which recounted individual war memories and local police stories. He retired from the Ottawa Citizen in 2003 but continued to write a weekly column for many years. Much of his work has focused on veterans issues and military history. Dave's compilation book, Best of Brown - Window on Ottawa, was published in 2003.

CASEY BRUNELLE Security Intelligence

Casey Brunelle is a security and intelligence consultant with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, specializing in counterterrorism, public safety, and geopolitics. He is a strategic advisor to the International Airport Watch Association, a not-for-profit community policing and crime prevention program enhancing aviation security around airports.

JACQUES BRUNELLE Aviation & Policing

A 16-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Jacques Brunelle was an investigator with their National Security Investigation Section in Ottawa. He has authored a book on the RCMP, and written numerous articles for Blue Line, Pony Express and Information magazines dealing with police matters and police aviation in particular.

VAdm (ret) RON BUCK Marine & Naval Analysis

Ron Buck joined the Navy in 1967, graduated from McGill University in 1971 and served his formative years on various Canadian ships. After being posted to National Defence HQ, he was selected as the Project Manager for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project (1989) which delivered 12 ships to the Navy. He was appointed as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and served as VCDS from 2004 to 2006. He retired in 2006 after almost 40 years of service in the Canadian Forces – but quickly failed retirement.

Dr. ROBERT J. BUNKER War Studies

Dr. Robert J. Bunker is adjunct faculty, School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University and an Adjunct Research Professor, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College. The views expressed in his article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

VAdm (ret) PETER CAIRNS Naval and Maritime

Over his 37 years of service in Canada's Navy, Vice-Admiral Peter Cairns' sea commands included a submarine, two frigates, a submarine squadron and a frigate squadron. He also completed two tours in the Royal Navy, the United States Navy and on NATO's maritime staff. After serving as the Commander of the Canadian Navy, he retired in 1994 and became President of the Shipbuilding Association of Canada.

JOANNA CALDER Military Communications

Joanna Calder was a communications advisor to the Chief of the Air Staff at NDHQ in Ottawa. She served in the primary reserve for 25 years, retiring at the rank of Major in 2001. Much of her time in uniform was spent as a public affairs officer on full-time service. Her military and civilian appointments have included support to the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Chief Military Personnel and ADM (Public Affairs).

LGen (ret) LLOYD CAMPBELL National Security & Airpower Advocacy

A former fighter pilot, Lloyd Campbell concluded his military career in 2003 as Commander of Air Command and Chief of the Air Staff. Previously, he commanded 1 Canadian Air Division and the Canadian NORAD Region as well as Canadian Forces Base Baden-Söllingen and 4 (Fighter) Wing in Germany. Over the course of his 37 years in the military, he held numerous staff appointments in Canada and Europe.


The CGAI is one of Canada’s most credible sources of expertise on global affairs. Its work is designed to help Canadians better understand their role on the world stage. Established in 2000 and based in Calgary and Ottawa, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute is a registered charity.


Following his tour as Executive Secretary to the Chief of Maritime Staff, Commander Hugues Canuel was most recently appointed as Executive Officer in HMCS PRESERVER. He previously served in ships of the Pacific and the Atlantic Fleets, completing a tour with NATO’s Standing Naval Force and deploying twice to Southwest Asia. He has a Masters degree in Defence Studies from the Canadian Forces College.


James Careless is an experienced freelance journalist whose credits include NBC-TV, CBC TV, CBC Radio, NPR, Radio Canadian International and Radio Earth International. Careless writes extensively on defense issues. He is based in Ottawa.

DAVID CARR Communications Advisor

David Carr is a communications advisor, freelance writer, and book author. He specializes in aerospace and air transport, and has spoken at length on these topics in the media and at conferences. A past editor of Wings magazine, he continues to write a column and features. Carr has also contributed to leading publications in Canada and the UK including, Jane's Airport Review and Airfinance Journal. He is a former political assistant and speechwriter.


Jim served as a general list officer and was the prototype for the Combat Systems Engineer (CSE) military occupation. After leaving the Navy in 1982 Capt(N) Carruthers was CEO of Norpak Corporation until he retired in 2006. He is the originator of the SHINPADS concept of ship combat system integration and the author of numerous papers on combat system design, interactive television and data broadcast.

LEE CARSON President of NORSTRAT Consulting Inc.

Lee Carson has held a number of management and executive level positions in Canada’s space and defence industry, including 25 years at MDA and later with COM DEV Canada. He is very familiar with the federal government procurement system, with Major Crown projects, and with C4ISR systems. As the President of NORSTRAT Consulting, he helps clients build responsible elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy.


Richard has an engineering physics degree from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario. He has 31 years of experience in defence and security, and is president of Martello Defence Security Consultants. As a former military officer, he has worked as an aerospace engineer for the 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron that fielded the first CF-18s in eastern Canada. He worked for many years on Canada's Low Level Air Defence System.


At the time of writing, Gilles had been with the ADM(IE) organization for some 30 years and iwas responsible for the Zoning Program for military airfields, communication and ammunition storage facilities and wind turbine effects on military radars. He has authored “Toponymy and Canadian Arctic Sovereignty” (2012) and co-authored “Au nom du Nord: valorization officielle d’une toponymie autochtone”.


Jacqueline Chartier is a freelance writer and journalist. SHer academic credentials include a BA in English Literature from the University of Calgary and graduation from the Mount Royal College journalism school. She has always maintained a keen interest in Canadian military history and current affairs. Jacqueline’s feature articles and photojournalism have appeared in numerous publications.


Karen Christiuk was the communications advisor for 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters in Winnipeg and assisted with the public affairs activities for the 50th anniversary of NORAD celebrations throughout 2008. Ms.Christiuk holds a BA and a B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba and a Creative Communications Diploma from Red River College.

PAUL CHURCH Technology, Electrical Interconnectors

Paul Church is the president and owner of the Cleeve group of companies. He immigrated to Canada from the UK in 1984 in support of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program (CPF) and has spent many days (and nights) on board the ships working on the design and supply of electrical interconnect materials and systems such as cable and wiring assemblies. Paul started Cleeve in 1999 and has remained focused on the development and supply of Made in Canada product where ever possible. Five Eyes Connections was formed as a way to bring a group of Canadian companies together to offer tier one and tier two contractors on the CSC project multiple products and services under one banner.


Christyn Cianfarani became President of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) in September 2014. Previous to that, she was Director of Advanced Training Solutions and Gov’t Relations at CAE. She was an expert advisor on the 2013 Jenkins Report: “Canada First: Leveraging Defence Procure­ment Through Key Industrial Capabilities”. In February 2014, she joined the Interim Board of Directors of the Defence Analytics Institute.

GARRY W.G. CLEMENT Financial Crime Prevention

Garry Clement's 34 years of investigative experience includes National Director for the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime Program, and working undercover while investigating organized crime. Since retiring from the RCMP in 2003, at the rank of Superintendent, he has become a globally-recognized Financial Crime Prevention expert and advocate. Garry joined the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists team in 2016 as the Executive Vice President and helped lead strategic changes until April 2018.

RICHARD COHEN Security and Technology

Richard Cohen is president of RSC Strategic Connections. His special expertise in counter-terrorism and national security policy development has led to advisory roles related to public safety. He lectures widely, and has published numerous articles on national and international security issues. Over the years, he has advised many of the new European democracies on the development of national security and defence strategies.

TREVOR COLE Writer & Journalist

Trevor Cole is a multiple-award winning magazine journalist whose work recently appeared in a 25-year retrospective of the best in Canadian magazine writing. After an acclaimed stint as a senior writer at the Globe and Mail's Report on Business Magazine, he became a regular contributor to Toronto Life and until recently wrote a fortnightly satirical column for Canadian Business magazine.


During his 30 plus years in the CF, Major Collacutt, an Aerospace Control Officer, has participated in numerous military events around the globe. Maj Collacutt deployed in Germany for a second tour where he played a significant role in the operational development of the NATO Mid-Term AWACS aircraft. Major Collacutt was a CF exchange officer employed at the Alaskan NORAD Region 176 Air Control Sqn as a NORAD Mission Crew Commander.

DIANNE COLLIER Family Resources

Dianne Collier, a military wife and founding member of CFB Petawawa's Military Family Resource Centre's Board of Directors, supports military spouses through numerous initiatives and speaking engagements. An author and columnist, her first book, Hurry Up & Wait was a Canadian bestseller. Diane has received numerous awards for her contributions to the military community,


Michael Comeau retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving in the Royal Canadian Navy for 17 years. He has worked at monitoring compliance and promoting shore-based and shipboard pollution prevention initiatives for MARLANTs Hazardous Materials, Climate Change, Storage Tank, Contaminated Sites, Halocarbon, Solid Waste and Effluent Quality management programs.


As the president and CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), Bernard Courtois is an outspoken advocate for the deployment of information and communications technology tools to improve business productivity and to achieve our societal and public policy goals. A lawyer with over 30 years experience in the telecommunications sector, Mr. Courtois also served executive roles at Bell Canada.


A retired U.S. Air Force officer, Ron Covais held command positions in nuclear military operations and served as Political-Military Advisor to the the Secretary of Defense. A former President at Lockheed Martin Corporation, Mr Covais is a member of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, and the Canadian American Business Council.

BGen (ret) JAMES COX National Security & Intelligence

After a 35 year military career that culminated in leading a NATO strategic military intelligence staff in Mons, Belgium from 1998-2001, Brigadier General (ret) Jim Cox pursued advanced national security and defence intelligence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Prior to becoming associated with FrontLine magazines, he was the Executive Secretary of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS).

Dr DUANE CRONIN Biomechanics, R&D

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo, Ontario (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Duane Cronin specialized in Impact Biomechanics development of Personal Protective Equipment. Dr Cronin was part of the NATO Task Group TG-024: Test Methodologies for Personal Protective Equipment Against Anti-Personnel Mine Blast.

BRIAN LEE CROWLEY Political & Economic Commentator

Brian Lee Crowley founded the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), a Canadian public policy think tank focused on key national issues including defence, national security, foreign affairs, and the rule of law. He is a frequent commentator on political and economic issues across all media and has been a columnist for numerous newspapers across Canada.  He holds degrees from McGill and the London School of Economics, including a doctorate in political economy from the latter. 

LGen (ret) LOUIS CUPPENS RCAF and Military Affairs

Louis Cuppens retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force at the rank of Lieutenant-General. He served as deputy commander of NORAD (1995 to 1998).

ELEANOR DAVIDSON Security and Defence Policy

Eleanor Davidson is a Master's student at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, specializing in security and defence policy. She has written about Canadian defence and the global refugee crisis for iPolitics and The Globe and Mail, and completed the prestigious Canadian Military Journalism Course. Eleanor holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) from the University of King's College, in Halifax.

Dr. NICOLA DAVIES Psychologist/Writer

Dr Nicola Davies is a Psychologist and writer with an interest in the psychology behind frontline work. 


Maj ROBERT DAY War Studies

Since retiring from his position as Logistics Officer in the Canadian Air Force (2004), Major Robert Day continues his passion for research and military analysis as a military historian. His military service has included posting in almost every region of the country and in Canadian Forces Europe. He has several degrees including an MA in War Studies from RMC where he was the Hunt Prize winner as the top graduate of his graduating year.


Murielle Delaporte, born in 1961 in France, is the founder and editor of the only bilingual magazine (French and English) that focuses in particular on sustainment and logistics, Opérationnels SLDS (formerly Soutien Logistique Défense). 


General Sir Jack Deverell retired from the British Army in March 2004. An infantryman, his experience lies mostly in the field of operations and training. His command appointments have included a battalion in Northern Ireland, an All Arms Brigade, (the NATO assigned United Kingdom Mobile Force), and two NATO appointments, Deputy Commander (Operations) SFOR in Bosnia and finally CinC AFNORTH.


Lieutenant Steven Dieter was the Assistant Adjutant of the Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment in Kingston, Ontario. An Associate Air Force Historian with the Office of Air Force Heritage and History, he is the former historian of the Billy Bishop Museum in his home town of Owen Sound, Ontario. Lieutenant Dieter is presently undergoing training as a Regular Force Public Affairs Officer in the Canadian Forces.

KEAN DOHERTY Journalist/Writer & Soldier

Kean Doherty began his writing career after a 9-year stint in the Canadian Armed Forces, mostly with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He left in the mid-90s to pursue a diploma in journalism and has since written for weekly and daily newspapers in Southwestern Ontario, covering golf and junior/professional hockey, and for the pure pleasure of it. Kean is currently a reservist in the intelligence field and also has broad experience in the defence industry, having worked at a leading arms manufacturer as a technical salesman.


Dewar Donnithorne-Tait’s 20+ years of service with the British Government included operations, intelligence, defence technology, defence procurement, security, NATO, international relations, R&D management (particularly focused on defence systems). His involvement with unmanned systems led him to the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, where he was President & CEO.


Dan Donovan is the editor of OttawaLife magazine.

Col (ret) PATRICK DOWSETT Aviation

Colonel Pat Dowsett was an air transport pilot and later member of the Project Management Office for Air Mobility projects at DND. In 2004, when this article was written, he was project manager of the Strategic Air-to-Air Refuelling (SAAR) project and the Fixed-Wing Search And Rescue (FWSAR) project.

TIM DUNNE Military Affairs, Nova Scotia Intergov Affairs

A former Military Affairs Advisor with the NS Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, Tim is a retired Cdn military PA officer with 37 years of service. He served with NATO’s peace support missions in Bosnia Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Albania and Kosovo. Since retiring, he has written extensively for the Chronical Herald and FrontLine magazine.

Col ANDRÉ DUPUIS Space and Satellites

Since joining the Canadian Forces in 1979, Colonel Dupuis has held a variety of operational and staff tours throughout his career in air defence, space operations and strategic planning. He has held several command positions, including CO 51 Aerospace and Warning Squadron and the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre Detachment Ottawa. In 2009 he took over as the Director of Space Requirements at NDHQ Ottawa.

ARIE EGOZI Israeli Defence & Politics

A Political Science and Journalism graduate from Tel Aviv University, Arie Egozi went on to serve in the Israeli defense forces (IDF). He later worked as the aerospace and defence correspondent for Israel's largest daily "Yedioth Ahronot", and some foreign defence publications. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Israel homeland security website (I-HLS).

Dr. ROSS FETTERLY Military Advisor, Resource Management

Ross Fetterly is a Canadian Global Affairs Institute Fellow and academic. He retired in 2017, after a 34-year military career, as the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Director of Air Comptrollership and Business Planning. He served in Afghanistan with NATO and with the United Nations in the Golan Heights. An adjunct professor at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) department of management, Dr Fetterly has taught both defence resource mgmnt and business planning at international military staff colleges.

Cdr (ret) RALPH FISHER Naval Affairs

Commander (ret) Ralph Fisher passed away in 2014. He was a sub-specialist in naval aircraft electrical & electronic systems. His most memorable appointments were in the 19th and 30th Carrier Air Groups and Experimental Sqn 10 at Shearwater, the US Naval Air R&D Command, and the hydrofoil warship development program. He later served as Deputy Director Scientific & Technical Intelligence at CFHQ. He contributed to volunteer works on the history & heritage of the Navy, its interests and the rebuilding of defence forces.


Scott Flukinger is a lawyer-lobbyist and former member of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service specializing in Canada-U.S. business, regulatory and policy matters. Formerly with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP in Washington, D.C., he is now pursuing private practice.


Gordon Forbes spent 27 years in the Royal Canadian Navy both on the operational and engineering sides.  He wrote operational requirements for the Canadian Patrol Frigate project and then tried to fulfill those requirements as an engineer.  After leaving the navy, he worked in the defence industry for an additional 25 years managing several projects.  He lives in Ottawa and is a member of the Naval Association of Canada.


James Fryer is a defence analyst based in Toronto, Ontario. Fryer represents the nom de plume for a writer whose frank and informative articles continue to hold the government's feet to the fire.

MGen (ret) PETER GARTENBURG Military & Aerospace

At the rank of Major-General, Peter Gartenburg retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force after 33 years as an aerospace engineer, flight test specialist and logistician. In civilian life, he was responsible for helping L-3 divisions successfully conduct business in Canada. He was the main contact with military and government officials in Canada on behalf of L-3 Corporation. Prior to L-3, he held an executive position at General Dynamics Canada.


Eugene Gerden is an international freelance writer who specializes in covering global military and defence industries. He has worked for several industry publications and can be reached at gerden.eug@gmail.com.

Dr. RICH GIMBLETT Naval Editor

Dr Richard Gimblett is a respected naval historian and defence policy analyst with previous experience in the Canadian Navy. He served at sea in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and subsequently co-authored the official Canadian account of that conflict. Later, he helped to develop Leadmark: The Navy's Strategy for 2020. He is a Research Fellow with the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University.

RICHARD E. GOWER Military Affairs

Richard served in the Canadian Forces for 14 years and retired at the rank of major in 2008. He served at 2 Wing (CFB Toronto), Air Command Headquarters (CFB Winnipeg), 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (CFB Borden), Air Transport Group (CFB Trenton), Fighter Group (CFB North Bay), 1 Wing (CFB Kingston), Land Force Atlantic Area Headquarters (CFB Halifax) and National Defence Headquarters (Ottawa). He also served on Canadian Forces Operation Mirador in Aviano, Italy and at NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia as a member of the NATO Advisory Team.

MIKE GREENLEY Simulation Systems

Mike is Group President at MDA Corporation. Prior to this, he was President of CAE Professional Services. Mike's service career over the past 15 years has focused on simulation based analysis, design, testing, and training, and on the definition of integrated professional services that exhibit these principles in support of systems and capability engineering. Mike is a member of a number of human factors and modeling & simulation societies.

BERNIE GROVER Defence Consultant

A former defense industry policy advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense under Dick Cheney, Bernie also taught at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, was an adjunct professor at the National War College in Washington, and a member of Newt Gingrich’s Visionary Leadership teaching team. An advisor to US Congressional committees, he was at the forefront of US defense acquisition reform. Mr Grover passed away in August 2017.


Colonel Denys Guérin is the Director of Air Force Contracted Force Generation responsible for the strategic level oversight of Canadian pilot training, combat support and commercial contracts at Goose Bay. He has logged over 2000 hours on fighter and training aircraft. He commanded 22 Wing North Bay/Canadian Air Defence Sector, served as Wing Ops Officer at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

CHRIS HADFIELD Space, Aviation, Social Media

A former F-18 pilot and test pilot, Chris Hadfield became an astronaut after retiring from the Canadian Forces. He was chosen as one of four new Canadian astronauts in 1992 and became the first Canadian to operate the Canadarm in orbit, the only Canadian to ever board the Russian space station Mir and was the first Canadian to walk in space. In December 2012 Chris Hadfield was again launched into space and commanded the Inter­na­tional Space Station for the second half of a 5-month mission.

MARK HALINATY Land & Air Systems

Mark Halinaty is Deputy Country Director for Thales Canada and Vice President Land & Air Systems. Mark has attained successive management responsibilities within Thales. During his career, he has been involved in a wide range of projects and held a number of key commercial and technical positions within the company, including Managing Director of Thales Rail Signalling Solutions in the UK.

Cdr KENNETH P. HANSEN Maritime Studies

Commander Kenneth P. Hansen is the Military Co-chair of the Maritime Studies Programme at Canadian Forces College in Toronto. He has served in a number of destroyers and frigates of the Atlantic Fleet, and as a staff officer with the 1st Maritime Operations Group.

STEPHEN HARPER Prime Minister of Canada

First elected to Parliament in 1993, Stephen Harper has been at the forefront of national debate since becoming Leader of the Opposition in 2002 and an effective spokesperson for issues related to finance and national unity. Harper spearheaded the effort to unite Canada ’s two conservative parties as the new Conservative Party of Canada. He was elected its leader in 2004 and the party went on to win the 2006 federal election.


Kris Hatashita is a consultant to the Department of National Defence and a subject matter expert of electromagnetic sciences. Kris was sent to Kandahar twice to test the electromagnetic integrity and security of communication systems of Canadian vehicles participating in the NATO International Security Assistance Force. During his second mission, he was sent to the FOB at Ma Sum Ghar where the incidents described in his article occurred.

VAdm (retd) DARREN HAWCO Navy, NATO, Diplomacy

Darren Hawco is a retired Vice-Admiral from the Canadian Armed Forces. Prior to his retirement, he was Canada’s Military Representative to NATO, and before that was the Chief of Force Development and lead military official for the development of Canada’s Defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE). He is currently an Executive Advisor with Deloitte Canada.

LAURIE HAWN Air Force, Government

Laurie joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1964 and received his wings in 1967. His many roles included commanding a CF-18 Tactical Fighter Squadron. He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel after 30 years in the Air Force, and eventually entered politics. In a decisive election victory in 2006, Laurie became the representative for Edmonton Centre, served on many Committees and as Parliamentary Secretary to Peter MacKay.

ANNE M. HEALEY President, WiDS

Anne was the General Manager for Canadian Defence Industries Association for 13 years.

Gen (ret) RICK HILLIER Chief of the Defence Staff (2005-2008)

A proud Newfoundlander, General Rick Hillier likes to boast that he joined the Canadian Forces as soon as he could. In May 2003 he was chosen as Commander of the Army and a few months later, commanded ISAF, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was promoted to General in 2005 to assume the duties as Chief of Canada's Defence Staff. He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in July 2008.

LCol (ret) DENNIS R. (DOC) HOPPER Simulation

Doc has an extensive background in field, locating, and air defence artillery – including command, staff and instructional duties. He was project director for the RIIP and LLAD projects and a program analyst on the VCDS staff. He has been the Canadian Forces liaison officer with the US Army at Fort Bliss, Texas and has been the Head of Delegation on a number of international working groups. Since retirement from the CF, he has been the Director of Simulation and Training Systems for Simtran Technologies (now FATS Canada). As a consultant, he has played a key role in the Enhanced Leadership Model and the Rx2000 Medical projects.

HUDSON ON THE HILL Parliamentary Analyst

Hudson R. Rock (no relation to Rock Hudson) was formed in Newfoundland and Labrador (the ‘Rock’). Young Hudson gradually carved his own career path across Canada. He was stoned in British Columbia, worked at the bottom of the pile at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, performed with a rock band in Manitoba (but got tired of being taken for granite). He also sought a position in Quebec, but was unhappy being just another pierre. Eventually, his finely chiseled features were noticed by a Toronto architect who invited Hudson to sit as a gargoyle on the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Hudson was subsequently invited to sit on the East Block on Parliament Hill before being elevated to the Peace Tower, from which he continues to protrude today.

ROBERT HUEBERT Political Science

Rob Huebert is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary. He also severed as the associate director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies. He was appointed as a member to the Canadian Polar Commission (now renamed Canada Polar Knowledge) for a term lasting from 2010 to 2015. He is also a research fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and sits on the board of the Van Horne Institute. Dr. Huebert has taught at Memorial University, Dalhousie University, and the University of Manitoba. His area of research interests include: international relations, strategic studies, the Law of the Sea, maritime affairs, Canadian foreign and defence  policy, and circumpolar relations. He publishes and comments on issues of Canadian Arctic Security, Maritime Security, and Canadian Defence. His most book, written with Whitney Lackenbauer and Franklyn Griffiths, is "Canada and the Changing Arctic: Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship".

CONNOR HUNERFAUTH Military, Business Admin

Connor Hunerfauth graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2015 with a B.Eng in Civil Engineering. He served with the Royal Canadian Engineers (and blew bubbles as a combat diver) until 2022 when he retired from the Army to pursue a Master of Business Administration at the University of Texas in Austin McCombs School of Business in Austin, Texas.

ROBERT E. HUNTER International Affairs

Robert E. Hunter is Senior Advisor at the RAND Corporation, Washington, DC, and was a Senior International Consultant to Lockheed-Martin Overseas Corporation. The former US Ambassador to NATO (1993-98), Director of West European and Middle East Affairs at the National Security Council (1977-81), Vice President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hunter served on the White House Staff.

SERGEY IVANOV Russian Military

Born and raised in Moscow, Sergey Ivanov is a retired major of the Russian Air Force. He participated in some military campaigns during the Soviet times. Currently Sergey works as writer and subject matter expert for some American and Canadian military publications. He can be reached at serge@mail.ru

STAN JACOBSON Synthetic and Technical Training

Stan Jacobson provides expert consulting to government agencies interested in performance-based support solutions that significantly improve technicians on-job performance, while reducing the investment required to train and support technical staff. As a domain expert in technical training and performance support technologies, Mr. Jacobson has provided targeted consulting for clients that include the British Army, Canadian Navy, Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, US Navy, UK Royal Navy, and various international Government Departments. He currently leads consulting efforts to integrate Synthetic Equipment Trainers within SCORM compliant Integrated Learning Solutions

Maj ULRICH JAGGI Unmanned Vehicles

Major Jaggi is the Deputy Project Director for the Joint UAV Surveillance and Target Acquisition System. As a member of the Directorate of Air Requirements for UAVs, Major Jaggi contributes to many national, NATO and Allied UAV conferences and working groups. A graduate of Royal Roads Military College, he has a Masters Degree in Defence Management and Policy from the Royal Military College of Canada. With 33 years of service, Major Jaggi has had tours in 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron, Maritime Proving and Evaluation Unit and has served as an Exchange Officer with the US Navy Naval Air Warfare Center.

PHILIP JENNINGS Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Sector

Before joining Industry Canada, Mr. Jennings held the position of Assistant Deputy Minister, Major Projects Management Office at Natural Resources Canada. Prior to this, he was the Director General, Petroleum Resources Branch and Director, Frontier Lands Management at Natural Resources Canada and held other various positions at the Privy Council Office, Human Resources Development Canada, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Mr. Jennings holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Economics from the University of Ottawa and a Masters of Economics from Queen’s University.

Capt(N) NORMAN JOLIN Navy and Defence Issues

Capt(N) Norman Jolin retired from the Royal Canadian Navy in 2011, following 37 years of service. His career saw extensive service in ships and submarines, including command of the frigate HMCS Montreal. During his last ten years in the Navy, he worked exclusively at the strategic level, serving as Canada’s Naval Adviser (Attaché) to the UK and Defence Attaché to Denmark, as well as tours with NATO’s Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia and NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. He currently works as an independent defence and strategic analysis consultant.

RON KANE Aerospace Affairs

Vice President of AIAC (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada), Ron is responsible for advancing initiatives directed at enhancing the global competitiveness of Canada’s aerospace industry. Previously, he was Director, Aerospace, Electronics and Defence at the federal department of Industry with a mandate to facilitate the growth and international competitiveness of the Canadian aerospace and defence industry through activities focussed on promoting technology development and innovation, investment attraction, and trade promotion. Ron has held a number of other executive-level positions in Canadian federal government departments over the years.


Lieutenant-Commander George Kearney, is a MARS officer who has served as a member of the staff of the Directorate of Maritime Strategy since 1999. He served as J5 Maritime on the staff of the Commander Canadian Joint Task Force SouthWest Asia from Oct 2003 – April 2004. Prior to joining D Mar Strat he completed an MA in War Studies at RMC (1999), served as the Underwater Warfare Officer on the staff of the Naval Operations School in Halifax, and in a variety of ships and shore establishments on the both the East and West Coasts.

ANDREW KENDRICK Ship Acquisition

Andrew Kendrick is Vice President, Operations for STX Canada Marine Inc’s Ottawa office. He is a professional ocean engineer and naval architect with over 35 years of experience, starting with the MoD in the UK. Since moving to Canada in 1981, he has worked on every major Canadian naval program, including CPF, TRUMP, MCDV, JSS, AOPS and CSC. Mr Kendrick has worked on numerous other ship designs for public and private sector clients in Canada and elsewhere. He has consulted on ship acquisition processes for the Canadian and US governments, and is known internationally for his work on ships and offshore structures in ice. He has delivered courses on polar ship design and operation in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Colin Kenny was summoned to the Senate in 1984 by the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau, representing the Province of Ontario. During his Parliamentary career, Senator Kenny has served on a variety of committees of special relevance to defence and national security issues. They include the Special Committee on Terrorism and Security and the Special Joint Committee on Canadian Defence Policy. From 2001 to 2009, he chaired the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence. Senator Kenny has been published on a range of Canadian political issues including defence policy, ballistic missile defence, Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, defence procurement, strategic airlift, aviation security, port and border security.

FERRY DE KERCKHOVE International Affairs

A former diplomat, de Kerckhove began his auspicious career as an intern at the United Nations Development Programme and retired from the Foreign Service some 38 years later. He is a Senior Fellow at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, Member of the Board of Directors of the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, and Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

JULIAN KERR Defence Correspondent, Australia

Julian Kerr is the Australian Correspondent of Jane's Defence Weekly, Senior Correspondent of Australian Defence Magazine, and a contributor to The Australian newspaper. A former Editor of Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter, Kerr began his journalistic career in New Zealand and Australia, then spent 25 years with Reuters, first as a correspondent, then as a senior business executive, in Asia, Europe and Africa. This included seven years as Managing Director of Visnews (now Reuters Television), at that time the world's largest television news agency.

SUNDEEP KHAREY Unmanned systems software

Mr. Kharey is the Business Development Manager for unmanned systems software at CDL Systems. As a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Mr. Kharey has served as the Technical Interoperability chairman for the Unmanned Systems Canada Conference and has presented on behalf of a NATO Custodial Support Team. In 2007, he served on a Transport Canada working group developing regulations for operating unmanned aircraft in non-segregated airspace. He was also involved in the engineering of the mission-critical automated take-off and landing system for the U.S. Army’s Hunter unmanned aircraft.

JOSHUA KILBERG International Security Analyst

Joshua Kilberg is an International Security Analyst with the Atlantic Council of Canada. He holds a BSc and a BA from Queens University as well as an MA from the War Studies department at Kings College London. He specializes in international terrorism and the greater Middle East and has been published in, among others, International Affairs, The New York Times and the Straits Times (Singapore). Joshua is currently in Madrid working on the Club of Madrids International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security.

CHRIS KILFORD Defence Policy

Chris Kilford is a fellow at the Queen's Centre for International and Defence Policy.  An army officer, he retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2014 after serving as Canada's defence attache to Turkey for three years.  Chris also served as the deputy defence attache in Afghanistan from 2009-10 and previous to that was the liaison officer between DND and the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence.  He has an extensive background in Canadian foreign and defence policy making. 

WARREN KING Air Warfare Destroyer Program Mgr

Warren King joined Australia's Defence Materiel Organisation in 2004 as Program Manager of the Air Warfare Destroyer Program. Warren has a strong international defence business background with over 35 years experience including military and industrial employment in Australia, the US and the UK, and over 12 years with combat system projects. He has held a number of senior positions within the Australian operations of a major multinational defence company including Program Manager for the Replacement Combat System for the Collins Class submarines. His most recent position before joining the DMO was as the General Manager of Above Water Warfare for the company.

Maj JONATHAN KNAUL Aviation, Flight Safety

Major Jonathan Knaul began his CF career 27 yrs ago – primarily flying helicopters in support of the Army, both in Canada and overseas (Kosovo and Afghanistan). He attended RMC, obtained a PhD and, after several years service as a combat pilot, was trained at the Ministry of Defence test pilot school in Marseilles, France. He is currently an active experimental test pilot and Flight Test Safety Officer for the RCAF, in Cold Lake.


Jane Kokan is an award winning director, camerawoman, independent journalist and lecturer. Her work highlights the reality and dignity of Canada’s Arctic communities. She has produced, directed and filmed documentaries for a variety of broadcasters including: the BBC, Channel 4 (U.K.), PBS, CBC, Global TV, Al Jazeera, ZDF, ARD, SVT, NRK, France 2, NHK, Discovery International, National Geographic and others. Her articles and photographs have been published in: FrontLine Defence, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, New Statesman, National Post, and The Globe and Mail. She has been seen eating raw meat, but only in Nunavut!

KEN KRUKEWICH Space & Satellites Advisor, Modeling & Simulation

Mr. Ken Krukewich was with the ADM(Mat) organization, responsible for developing and implementing the Joint Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements, Training and Support (JSMARTS) iniatitive. In this capacity, he introduced a Modeling and Simulation course and departmental software tools and services to support three dimensional simulation to DND. In February 2007, he joined the Surveillance of Space project, as Engineering Manager, which will launch DND's first operational satellite. This project has also been featured in FrontLine Defence. He is currently FrontLine's Advisor and correspondent for Space and Satellites. Mr. Krukewich has over 27 years of experience with space programs, both with industry and the Canadian Space Agency. Sadly, Mr Ken Krukewich passed away on November 20, 2009. We will cherish his time with us. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family.


Sgt Kusche joined the Canadian Forces in 2002 and has have been posted to the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry for his entire career (first in Winnipeg and then moved to Shilo in 2004). He deployed to Bosnia on Op Palladium Roto 12 (2003) and has been deployed to Afghanistan three times (Task Force 3-06 with A-Coy in Kandahar; Task Force 1-08 with battalion HQ 9 TAC in Kandahar; and Op Attention Roto 3 in Kabul 2013). Sgt Kusche is currently a section commander in C-Coy 9 Platoon, he is looking forward to the 100th anniversary of the PPCLI (2014).

ANDRÉ LAFRANCE Simulation Specialist

Currently employed as the simulation specialist for the ISTAR project, André LaFrance has worked as a military simulation consultant since retiring from the British Army in 1998. Seven of his 21 year service were spent in the Canadian Forces with the R22eR and the Canadian Airborne Regiment. Throughout his career he has held training and simulation related appointments at Armoured Division and Army level in the UK as well as Army level in the Royal Army of Oman. Specializing in collective command and staff training, he has managed a variety of constructive simulations to suit numerous land and joint training challenges in many parts of the world.

Dr ROBBIN LAIRD US Defense Analyst

The senior editorial advisor for SLDInfo.com, Dr. Robbin F. Laird is a a long-time analyst of global defense issues. He has worked in the U.S. government and several think tanks, including the Center for Naval Analysis and the Institute for Defense Analysis. He is a Columbia University alumnus, where he taught and worked for several years at the Research Institute of International Change, a think tank founded by Dr. Brzezinski. He is a frequent op-ed contributor to the defense press, and has written several books on international security issues.


Danny Lam was an independent analyst based in Calgary.  Always pushing boundaries, Danny was well-known for his relentless challenging of conventional wisdom throughout his work. Sadly, he passed away on 11 February 2018.

Capt ALEXANDER LANDRY Security issues

Captain Alexander Landry, P.Eng, PMP is a Canadian military engineering officer currently serving within the Engineering Division at NATO Allied Land Command. He has experience on operational deployments both domestically for natural disaster response in Canada, and within an expeditionary setting in Ukraine. He currently writes for various professional journals on topics related to future security issues concerning both Canada and NATO. He volunteers as the Strategic Initiatives Specialist for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management.

Col (ret) PIERRE LEBLANC CF Northern Area

Pierre Leblanc, a retired Colonel, is a Montreal native and an RMC graduate. In May 2003 he formed Canadian Diamond Consultants Inc. to provide advice in the exciting Canadian diamond industry. Previously located in Yellowknife, he has since relocated to Ottawa. Pierre specializes in the Canadian diamond pipeline and is a member of the World Diamond Council. As well as being the Executive director for the Diamond Manufacturers Association of Canada he is also the Treasurer of the Canadian Diamond Code Committee.

Dr. TEOFILO L. LEE-CHOING Sleep & Pulmonary Medicine

Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr., MD is a Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health and at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. He has authored or edited 16 textbooks in Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine and has participated in more than 30 research projects. He edits and reviews several medical journals and publications. Dr Lee-Chiong completed his internship and residency in internal medicine and his pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowship at Yale, and his post-fellowship training in Sleep Medicine at Dartmouth. He joined Philips Respironics as its Chief Medical Liaison in 2011. He has Chaired numerous associations and committees and has served on the Council of Governors for the American College of Chest Medicine (ACCP).

MGen (ret) JOHN LEECH Columnist, Info Briefs

MGen (ret) John Leech, CMM, CD was the first DND Chief Information Officer. He retired in 1997 after almost 37 years in the Canadian Forces. Commissioned in RC Signals, he served at unit, formation and headquarters levels in Canadian, US, UK, and UN Forces, and at NATO HQ, in communications (electronics, operations and personnel policy) positions. A graduate of RMC, Canadian Land Forces Command & Staff College and the National Defence College, he commanded the HQ & Signal Sqn of 5ieme Brigade and CF Communication Command. He was appointed a Commander of the Order of Military Merit in 1994. Until very recently, MGen Leech was the General Manager of AFCEA Canada.

E.G. (TED) LENNOX Arctic Aviation Specialist

Ted's 31 years of mgmt experience led to the founding of LPS Aviation Inc., a specialty airport and aviation consulting company. The company has undertaken some 170 air transportation planning and management assistance projects world-wide for a broad array of institutional, government and private sector organizations. Mr. Lennox has delivered executive mentoring, formal training courses and public presentations in such diverse localities as China, Russia, the United States, Canada and Romania. He has undertaken numerous aviation and air transportation assignments throughout the circumpolar environment.

PATRICK LENNOX Military Studies

Patrick Lennox is the J.L. Granatstein Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary. He has recently returned from being embedded for two months on Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships Iroquois and Protecteur as they patrolled in the Arabian Sea during Canada’s most recent contribution to the maritime dimension of the American-led war on terror. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and is the co-editor of a forthcoming volume entitled An Independent Foreign Policy for Canada? Challenges and Choice for the Future that will be published in December by the University of Toronto Press.

ASA LINDESTAM Sweden's Defence Committee

Ms. Åsa Lindestam is a member of the Swedish Parliament, currently on the Committee on Defense. She is also an alternate member of the Swedish Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and of the Swedish Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Ms. Lindestam is a Member of the Board of the Swedish Coast Guard. She is also very active in the local politics and is the chairman of the Municipal Party Organization in Söderhamn. Striving to achieve equal rights, opportunities and obligations for all human beings is the most important political battle for Mrs. Lindestam - and her reason for being a Social Democrat.


Lieutenant Colonel Chris Linford is a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Forces. He joined as a Nursing Officer in 1988 and deployed overseas to the Gulf War, Rwanda and Afghanistan. He commanded 1 Field Ambulance in Edmonton from 2007-2009 and was deployed as the Executive Officer to the NATO Role 3 Combat Hospital in Kandahar from 2009-2010. LCol Linford recently released his book: Warrior Rising- A Soldier's Journey to PTSD and Back. It is his story of struggle and triumph over PTSD chronicling his war traumas, his treatment, and his return to health and active life as a public speaker on this issue. He is currently awaiting medical release in January 2014 and lives near Victoria BC.

MGen (ret) TERRY LISTON Military Affairs

Major General (ret) Terry Liston served as Chief Operational Planning & Force Development at NDHQ as well as in policy and public affairs. He commanded the rapid-reinforcement air-sea transported (CAST) brigade group, based on 5eGBC, and the 1er bataillon, Royal 22e Régiment in Germany. His UN tours included the Congo (awarded MBE) and head of a military mission to the Western Sahara. On retirement he held senior positions with MIL Davie Shipbuilding and Canadian Pacific, as well as his own GatewayAmerica consulting practice. He is a graduate of Queen's University, National Defence College, and the École nationale d'Administration publique.

TIM LYNCH Defence and Security

Tim Lynch was a passionate journalist who wrote about Pacific Maritime issues from public policy perspective. He has researched and written several articles about law enforcement and security in the maritime setting. Before his death in January 2017, he had been engaged in defining the relationships among policy fields associated with National Defence and National Healthcare in Canada with the goal of defining security as a determinant of healthy communities.

ADAM P MacDONALD OP Reassurance

Adam P MacDonald is an independent Canadian academic specializing in geopolitical developments in the Arctic and East Asia. Investigating the consequences of a naval turn to the Asia-Pacific region for Canada; the 'militarization' of the Arctic; the continued political involvement of the military in Myanmar's democratic transition; and Chinese naval developments are Adam's current academic foci. He lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

GEORGE MacDONALD Aviation, Procurement

Having served as an operational fighter pilot in the RCAF, George Macdonald was chosen as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of NORAD. His experience eventually led to his appointment as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff from 2001 to 2004. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant-General after serving 38 years in the Canadian Forces, after which, he became actively involved in procurement analysis and the strategic defence environment.

The Honourable PETER MacKAY Federal Minister

The Honourable Peter MacKay served as Minister of National Defence from 2007-2013. During his tenure as MND, he introduced the Canada First Defence Policy, extended Canada's military mission in Afghanistan, and implemented numerous procurement initiatives. He was appointed as Minister of Justice 2013-2015 but did not run in the 2015 election. He joined law firm Baker McKenzie as a partner in February 2016.

MGen (ret) LEWIS MacKENZIE Indy Racing, Military Affairs

Major General Lewis MacKenzie retired from the Canadian Forces in 1993 after 36 years of service. Since that time he has regularly been under contract to numerous North American media outlets as a commentator on international affairs and frequently lectures at US military institutions.

CHRIS MacLEAN Editor-in-Chief

Chris got her start in the magazine business in 1976, at Canadian Review magazine. After many years in print management positions she eventually became the CEO of Beacon Publishing Inc, and has been the Editor-in-Chief of FrontLine magazines since 2004. Christina has interviewed many Generals and Admirals in the Canadian Armed Forces for the pages of FrontLine Defence over the years.

BGen (ret) DON MacNAMARA Defence Analyst

Retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force at the rank of Brigadier-General after 37 years, Don Macnamara is a renowned specialist in national & international security affairs. On retirement he joined the faculty of Queen’s University School of Business for 20 years. He is a past-president of the CDAI, a member of the Air Command Advisory Council, and Chair of the Royal Military College of Canada Board of Governors.

LCdr (ret) CHARLES D. MAGINLEY Marine & Coast Guard

Charles Douglas Maginley sailed in British merchant ships from 1947 until he joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1955. Retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 1976, he joined the Coast Guard and taught at the Coast Guard College in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He retired in 1990 and is the author of two books on Coast Guard history. Charles is a member of the Canadian Company of Master Mariners and the Canadian Nautical Research Society.

Maj BARBARA MAISONNEUVE Logistics and Finance

Joining the Canadian Forces (CF) in1981, Barbara served five years in the Military Police in Edmonton. She then attended Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC and then Royal Military College in Kingston, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Honours) and was transferred to the RCAF as a Finance Officer in the Logistics Branch. She retired at the rank of Major in 2002 and was appointed Engineering Procurement Officer for the Light Armoured Vehicle Project in Hull, Quebec, as a civilian with the Public Service (Level PG 5). In 2010, Barbara joined the Board of Directors of the RMC Club of Canada Foundation.

LGen (ret) MICHEL MAISONNEUVE Military Affairs

In May 2007, Michel Maisonneuve completed 35 years of active service in the Canadian Armed Forces and retired at the rank of Lieutenant-General. An Army officer from le 12e Régiment blindé du Canada, he distinguished himself in progressive leadership positions in Canada and abroad and served as an operational commander in missions ranging from humanitarian relief to conflict operations. He became Academic Director at Collège militaire royal Saint-Jean / Royal Military College Saint-Jean and retired in 2018.

Col JRF MALO Director of Space Development

The former Director of Space Development has served in many positions throughout his career in the Canadian Forces. His career included being seconded to the Canadian Space Agency in Montreal, positions within the Air Staff, and within the Chief of Force Development, and a tour with US Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs. He also served in the combined air operations centre in Vicenza Italy.


General Manson was Chief of the Defence Staff (1986-1989). A former fighter pilot, he served extensively with Canada's NATO Forces in Europe. Following military service, he was President of Montreal-based Paramax. He is Past Chair of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, and former President of the CDAI. In 2002 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was the 2003 recipient of the Vimy Award.


A former analyst at NATO for the French Ministries of Defence and of Foreign Affairs. Prior to his arrival in Canada, he was an External Relations Officer at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he specialized in public diplomacy and crisis communications strategy.

Major BILL MARCH Aerospace Systems

Major Bill March, a maritime Airborne Combat Systems Operator, serves with the Strategic Analysis, Research and Lesson Learned Branch of the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC) located at 8 Wing, in Trenton, Ontario.

Col (ret) HOWARD MARSH Defence Analysis

A retired army Colonel, former Commandant of RMC and Army Inspector with 37 years of service, Howard Marsh is currently the Senior Defence Analyst of the Conference of Defence Associations.

DWIGHT N. MASON Canada/US Studies

After serving as Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Dwight Mason retired from the Foreign Service to become a non-attorney member of the Washington law firm of Storch and Brenner (1991-2002). He is a member of the American Council for Quebec Studies, the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, and the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.

BGen (retd) GREGORY C.P. MATTE Defence Aviation

Brigadier-General Greg C Matte's military career included postings in the VCDS Group, and as Director Military HR Requirements. He was the Wing Commander at 4 Wing Cold Lake. He is a Fighter Weapons Instructor “Top Gun” graduate with over 2500 hours on fighter aircraft, and has a Masters Degree in Defence Management and Planning from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Major ANDREW McCORQUODALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A Long Range Patrol Air Combat Systems Officer, Maj McCorquodale was the Deputy Project Director for the Heron UAV operating with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. A member of the Canadian Forces since 1993, his service includes operational deployments in the Persian Gulf and in Kabul, Afghanistan. As a member of the Directorate of Air Requirements for UAVs, Maj McCorquodale represented Canada at several NATO and Allied UAV conferences.

TIM McDERMOTT Naval and Maritime

LCdr (ret) Tim McDermott retired from the Navy in 2015 after 35 years’ service in the Naval Reserve and Regular Force. In his final posting at Joint Task Force Atlantic Headquarters, An instructor on emergency management, McDermott led military liaison officers in the four Atlantic Provincial Emergency Management Offices. He served as a Volunteer Firefighter, Medical First Responder, and as a member of the RCMP Police Advisory Board.

THERESA McGUIRE Public Health & Safety

A certified Occupational Health Nurse and Registered Safety Professional, former Canadian Armed Forces military officer, and Search and Rescue volunteer, McGuire has participated in numerous Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking missions to the Arctic as a Health Officer. With a Masters in Environmental Management, her specialized areas of expertise include infectious disease, shiftwork, critical incidence stress, and hearing protection.

ROSE McINERNEY Strategic Change Management

Rose McInerney is a published writer and former teacher. As the founder and CEO of WomanScape, Rose harnesses the power of a collective group of writers who share inspiring stories about women making history. 

PAUL McKAY Human Factors

Paul McKay obtained his M.A.Sc. degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo where he specialized in advanced interface design and aviation human factors. He is currently the Manager of Human Performance Engineering for Gladstone Aerospace Corporation.

Col (ret) DON McLEOD Air Force Association

Don W McLeod , a retired air force colonel, following 36 years in the RCAF/CF, is currently the Past National President of the Air Force Association of Canada. He is also the Honourary-Colonel 406 (Maritime) Operational Training Squadron, Shearwater. A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, Col (ret) McLeod has had tours in Air Command HQ, 1Canadian Air Division HQ, Maritime Air Group, and Canadian Forces Europe, all within the transport, fighter, and maritime air communities.

JAZLYN MELNYCHUK International Diplomacy & Security

Jazlyn studied International Diplomacy and Security at Simon Fraser University and helped found and organize the 2016 Global Model NATO Summit. As the Vice President and co-founder of the SFU Model NATO club, Jazlyn seeks to engage students in realistic simulations to bring light to emerging security challenges faced by Canada and NATO while creating awareness about the role and value of the Canadian Armed Forces.


Errol P. Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor and consultant to corporations, governments (including the Privy Council Office, Government of Canada), civil society groups and the United Nations. His teaching, research and consulting interests include public and private sector governance, anti-corruption, globalization, human rights, national security and dispute resolution.

SAMUEL MILLER (M.A.) Trauma Response

Sam Miller is a resourceful therapist with extensive experience in Trauma Response and Treatment as well as Wellness Programs. He has demonstrated strengths in leadership, coaching and communication. Sam has worked with many organizations and corporations in creating healthy, respectful, workplace environments as well as managing work-related traumatic events. Based in Toronto, Mr. Miller can be reached at 416-455-1684.

Dr. INGAR MOEN Defence R&D

Dr Ingar Olav Moen, the Director of Science and Technology Policy, with Defence R&D Canada, was responsible for science policy issues, strategic planning, technology forecasting and international R&D coordination. He joined the Defence Research Establishment Suffield in 1981, was responsible for R&D on Explosive Systems and Explosive Effects, and wrote many articles for FrontLine before he passed away in June 2006. He is missed by all who knew him.


Angie began her Marine Corps career in 1993 when she enrolled in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Michigan. She completed NROTC at the top of her class, and served as Battalion Commander for 120 midshipmen. She completed her initial Marine training in Quantico, Virginia. She was a captain in the Marine Reserves, and co-authored a book entitled Leading from the Front.

LCdr JOHN MORRISON Knowledge Management

Lieutenant Commander John Morrison has a broad background in operational and requirements based C4IS having completed 11 years at National Defence Headquarters with the Directorate of Maritime Requirements Sea, C4ISR, as well as with The Information Management Group, Directorate Knowledge and Information Management. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Knowledge Management from Royal Roads, Victoria BC.

Capt ZAC MYERS Defence and Engineering

Zac Myers joined the Canadian Armed forces in 2011 as an Engineering Officer. He currently works in the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command and is a Defence Fellow at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. Before joining the forces he worked as an academic research scientist.

Col (ret) ANDREW NELLESTYN Military

Dr. Nellestyn enjoyed a rewarding career in the military and private sector. He is a recipient of Professional Engineers of Ontario Citizenship Award, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the VAC Minister’s Commendation. He is CEO of Andel Inc. Consulting Services (Management, Security, Economics, Finance, Energy, International Development). Dr. Nellestyn is Co-Producer of the acclaimed documentary series The Veterans (http://vimeo.com/channels/theveterans), editorial member of Afghanistan: A Canadian Story 2001-2014 (www.afghanistanacanadianstory.ca) to be published November 2014, and a member of Engineers Without Borders (www.ewb.ca). Colonel Nellestyn also heads a project to establish a RCEME Museum at CFB Kingston.

SCOTT NEWARK Associate Editor

A former Crown Prosecutor in Alberta, Scott Newark was named as the first non-police officer to serve as the Executive Director of the Canadian Police Association in Ottawa. After 9-11 he became Ontario’s Special Security Advisor on Counter Terrorism and authored that Province’s Security Perimeter Strategy. He is a border and transit security advisor to governments in Canada, most recently as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Public Safety. He holds memberships in Borderpol, the North American Advisory Board to the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Aviation Security Committee, and is Vice Chair/Operations of the National Security Group.


Bethan Nodwell is a military spouse with a passion for politics, international relations and the defense industry.

PAMELA O'DELL Documentation Coordinator

Pamela O’Dell is the Documentation Coordinator for O’Dell Engineering in Cambridge, Ontario. She is the government liaison and is also responsible for record compliance and special projects. With an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, Ms O’Dell is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

PAULA O'SHEA Simulation Systems

Paula O’Shea is a Program Manager with Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support in Orlando, Florida. Ms. O’Shea is currently the program manager for NxTrain, a next generation training and rehearsal solution. A system of systems, NxTrain provides a framework for managing, developing, and delivering training. It is applicable to ground, flight, space, and maritime training needs as well as maintenance training.

ADRIAN OBST Military and Defence Writer

Adrian's writing experience includes conducting interviews with industry and government leaders, MPs, and the first responder community. His focus is on innovation for the public safety and national security, which ultimately includes secure trade, business continuity and cyber. His interest in government relations allows him to highlight innovation and progress being driven by companies that are working towards Canada's bright future.


The son of a naval commander and the grandson of an army major general, Tim Page 's career has been within the business sector. He is currently President of CADSI, the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries. Through this position, Mr. Page is lobbying for greater recognition and support for the role played by Canadian industry in support of Canada's national security objectives. An experienced public policy, communications and association professional, previously involved with industry groups such as the Cdn Chamber of Commerce and the Assn of Consulting Engineers of Canada, his interests have been to promote Canada as a globally competitive economy and as a contributor to international development. 

DOUG PALMER Navy, Reserves

Doug is President of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Foundation. For more information about The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh’s Own), its extended Regimental Family, and how to donate, please visit: http://camerons.ca/foundation/


Chief Warrant Officer Guy Parent (retired) was appointed as the second Veterans Ombudsman in November 2010. He now has been serving Canadians in many military and civil functions for over 50 years. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1964. He was trained as a Search and Rescue Technician and graduated in 1972 with qualification as Paramedic, Master Parachutist, Master Diver, Mountain Climbing Instructor and Survival Instructor. He went on to serve as a Search and Rescue Technician for the next three decades.


Ian Parker, a graduate of the US Naval War College, is a retired naval officer with 37 years in the Canadian Navy. He has served in command and staff appointments at sea and in NDHQ. He has held appointments ranging from strategic force development, force planning, including involvement in several Defense reviews, requirements development and implementation as well as Human Resource Management. Since retirement he has worked as a defence and strategic analysis consultant as an associate with CFN Consultants.

JAMES PARKER Military Reservist

A former physical education teacher, Jim Parker is naval reservist and writer. Ten years ago, he took sabbatical from teaching and filled his time enjoying world travel, in and out of uniform. His current love is Africa, where he served in the Sudan in 2008 as a United Nations Military Observer. He and his partner Heather, a Victoria physician, have returned to Africa three times since, the most recent trip, a fantastic train journey from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam. Jim has written and published about his time serving in the Sudan, as well as his most recent deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan 2011-2012. He has authored two books that he hopes will be published soon: The Children of Africa. A Photographic Journey and The Awkward Soljer: Hard Lessons Learned from Sudan to Afghanistan and Points In between. Jim Parker is happily ensconced in Victoria, BC with Heather and their dog, Judd the Rockweiler. He looks forward to the next adventure.

LGen (ret) KEN PENNIE Air Force

Ken Pennie retired as Chief of the Air Staff, head of Canada’s Air Force. He was Deputy Commander in Chief of NORAD during 9-11 and the standup of NORTHCOM, as well as Director General of Strategic Planning for DND. His PhD is from the London School of Economics, and he teaches at the Sprott School of Business. He is also a senior fellow with the Centre for Security and Defence Studies at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. He is also President of KR Pennie Consulting.


David Perry is the Senior Analyst with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.  His PhD in political science from Carleton University examined the link between defence budgeting and defence procurement and he continues to work on those subjects today.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Centre of Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary, a Research Fellow with the Centre for the Study of Security and Development at Dalhousie and columnist for the Canadian Naval Review.

Col (ret) GEORGE PETROLEKAS Military and Defence Issues

Retired at the rank of Colonel after serving for years as an army officer, and rising through regular and reserve command roles, Petrolekas became recognized as a pre-eminent authority on NATO and Coalition warfare, serving as a confidant and trusted agent between the Canadian CDS and senior NATO and U.S. officials. He received commendations from several ISAF Commanders. Petrolekas established many of the protocols used to this day for the evacuation of Canadian wounded through Europe and received the Meritorious Service Medal for his work. He has co-authored numerous research papers, briefed Canadian and UK Parliamentarians, US Divisional staffs, the Pakistani War College, the Chinese Institute for International Strategic Studies and the French War College. In business, Col Petrolekas has led sales and marketing efforts in some 90 countries.


The son of a Royal Air Force veteran and airline employee, Peter Pigott was smitten by aviation at a very early age. He was fortunate enough to grow up in India and be educated in Canada and England. Joining the Department of Foreign Affairs, Peter was posted to New York, Hong Kong, Vienna and The Hague. Back home, he began putting his passion into words and is the author of thirteen books on Canadian aviation, including Wings Across Canada, Taming the Skies: A Celebration of Canadian Flight, On Canadian Wings, Wingwalkers, and most recently, Canada in Sudan.

KEN POLE Defence & Aviation Journalist

Ken Pole is currently the longest-serving continuous active member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. A staff writer and desk editor with The Canadian Press in several bureaus across the country before moving to newspapers, he has been a freelance journalist since 1979, writing extensively on a range of military issues as while maintaining a keen interest in all aspects of civil fixed-wing and rotorcraft aviation. He is an avid sailor, diver and photographer as well as an aspiring guitarist.

Cdr DRAGOS C. POPA Canadian Foreign Policy

Dragos Popa is an Instructor in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, specializing in security issues, international relations and regional integration processes. He has also taught Political Science at the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Forces College. His latest research focuses on Canadian foreign policy, particularly towards Asia-Pacific and Europe. Dragos Popa has held several positions with the Government of Canada, in four different departments. Dr. Popa holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and a M.A. in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, both from Carleton University.

JAYA PRAKASH East Asian Correspondent

A Singapore-based security analyst, Mr Prakash has been a life-long journalist who also served in his nation's armed forces for six years. He rose to the rank of sergeant and left the armed forces honourably on a high-note. He has been a editor, managing editor for various news publications in Singapore, an author and been a correspondent for various Australian newspapers and had also been a columnist.  Jaya has won global recognition for a news article that he wrote on ferry safety that in turn earned the world's highest accolade in maritime journalism; the Sea Horse Awards. He has also won other awards. He became the first person in Singapore, or perhaps in Asia, to enumerate on the deleterious effects of workplace bullying which was even reviewed by a Singapore TV station. He is an alumnus of Australia's University of South Australia.

ANIL R. PUSTAM Writer / Author

Anil R. Pustam is a writer and author on military aviation, one of his interests being small air forces. He has been published in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and elsewhere. His book Attack Aircraft and Bombers of the World was published in July 2004. A book on US bombers is in progress.

SUNIL RAM International Defense and Security Analyst

A former officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, he went on to be a military advisor to the Saudi Royal Family, Sunil Ram taught for two decades at American Military University in the Military History Department and the School of Security and Global and Studies. He is currently the Director of Intelligence for private concerns in the UAE and works as an international defense consultant to major private enterprises around the world.


Mr Rasiulis was an analyst with the Directorate of Strategic Analysis at DND, specializing in strategic politico-military issues pertaining to conventional forces before becoming Section Head of the Directorate of Nuclear and Arms Control Policy. At NATO, he was Defence Advisor to the Canadian Delegation for Conventional Arms Control Talks, Central and Eastern Europe Policy Section Head, and Director of the Military Training Assistance Programme.

JOHN J.D. READ Acquisitions Policy

Mr. Read joined Public Works and Government Services Canada in 1992, after 20 years in consumer services and competition policy. Since then he has occupied a number of managerial and executive positions in the procurement field, including strategic policy, operational policy and processes, quality assurance and risk management, real property contracting, program integrity, dispute resolution, and delegation of contracting authorities. After serving on the Parliamentary Secretary’s Task Force for the Government-Wide Review of Procurement in 2005, he became Senior Director, Policy and Process, and on January 3, 2004 moved to the new position of Senior Director, Defence Procurement Liaison.


Exclusive in-depth FrontLine report

Col (ret) GARY H. RICE Military Affairs

Colonel (retired) Gary H. Rice served in Germany at the height of the Cold War during the 1961 Berlin Crisis and 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, with Allied Command Mobile Force (Land) in North Norway and in all regions of Canada. He was the Army’s first Director of Medical Administration and Resources, Chief Instructor, Medical Services School, Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Field Hospital, and Head of Medical Plans and Operations. He retired after 37 years of active service. Since 9/11, he wrote several papers on national security and defence issues, and independently worked to strengthen Canada’s defence structure. He passed away in December 2010, and will be missed by many, including his friends at FrontLine.

BRYAN RIDDELL Disaster Recovery

A veteran and former professional athlete, Bryan Riddell is the Chief Executive Officer of Team Rubicon Canada, a non-profit disaster response organization. Bryan served eleven years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an officer in the Canadian Army, and Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. He completed operational tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, and received a Mention in Dispatches for distinguished service in combat. He holds a B.A. in Politics, and an M.B.A. from Cornell University and Queen's University. 


Jerrod Riley is the National Deputy Director of the Navy League of Canada.

TOM RING Procurement and Contracting

As the Assistant Deputy Minister, Acquisitions Branch at PWGSC, Tom Ring is responsible for the entire procurement and contracting cycle of major commodities from highly specialized military equipment to common office supplies. His team is currently involved in procurement reform. Tom has over 30 years experience in the public service and has worked in Transport Canada (Coast Guard), Privy Council Office, Canadian Heritage, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, National Defence and Public Works. Tom has also recently completed a MA program at the Royal Military College.

COLIN ROBERTSON International Affairs

A former Canadian diplomat, Colin Robertson is Senior Advisor to Dentons LLP working with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. He is Vice President and Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and Executive Fellow at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy. He is an Honorary Captain (Royal Canadian Navy) assigned to the Strategic Communications Directorate. He is chair of the board of Canada World Youth.

MARK ROMANOW Writer & Defence Analyst

Previously a successful oil and gas industry broker in both Public and Private sectors, Mark is an Independent defence/geopolitical analyst with interests in maintaining adequate defence capability for Canada. A University of Alberta Graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Geography/Cartography, he has written numerous articles and National Reports for respected publications since mid-1998. Mark provides clients with tailored, concise, impartial research & analysis. His comprehensive article on Canada's new Victoria class submarines was published on both the Submariners Association of Canada web site and the Defence Associations News web site.

JÜRGEN K.G. ROSENTHAL International Correspondent

A retired Captain of the German Air Force (2004), Juergen KG Rosenthal combines his military background with studies in business management, air traffic control, intelligence and counterintelligence, and investigations (partially in multinational/ bilateral operations). Bundeswehr Military Intelligence Centre: current intel and managing Air Orders of Battle. Intelligence: imagery interpreter (UAV and space). Bundeswehr Operations Command: Targeting/Weaponeering Officer. NATO experienced, missions abroad. Since retiring, he has been freelancing as an editor and journalist for international defence and aerospace magazines: Managing Editor MILITARY TECHNOLOGY; Deputy Editor-in-Chief HARDTHOEHENKURIER; Editorial support with FRONTLINE at NATO conferences.

DAN ROSS Former ADM (Mat)

Dan Ross spent 30 years in the Canadian Forces and 10 years as an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Public Service in Canada.


David Rudd is a defence scientist with the Centre for Operational Research and Analysis (CORA) at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. He is currently attached to the strategic analysis team in the office of the Associate Deputy Minister (Policy). His previous postings include the former Canadian Forces’ Operational Support Command and the Chief of Force Development. His specialties include NATO and Canadian military transformation, NATO-EU relations, Arctic security, and the transformation of allied navies. He previously served and president and executive director of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.

Sgt STEPHEN SADLER Policing and Training

Stephen Sadler served with the Toronto Police Service for 30 years, retiring as the Sergeant in Charge of one of the two CBRNE teams in Toronto. Over the years, he was involved in a variety of investigative and tactical roles, and taught extensively in Search and Rescue, Public Order and Crowd Management, and Emergency Management programs. Stephen served a year-long tour in Afghanistan, working with EUPOL as a mentor and adviser for the Commanding General in charge of policing for the province of Badakshan. He retired to the corporate sector in 2018, as the Manager for Corporate Security for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.


Hugh Segal joined the Canadian Senate in 2005 after four decades of public service which included Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Associate Cabinet Secretary (Ontario) for Federal-Provincial Affairs and Policies and Priorities, Legislative Assistant to the Leader of the Opposition (Ottawa), President of the independent Institute for Research on Public Policy, Chair of the Special Senate Committee on Anti-Terrorism, and past Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. Senator Segal was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2003.


Presently serving as an Air Controller at the Trenton Joint and Rescue Coordination Centre, Capt Jacques Simard, CD, is an accomplished Computer Programmer/Analyst. He subsequently graduated from the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School in 1991 and was chosen to fly on the CC-130 Hercules. He then served on three consecutive flying tours as a Strategic and Search & Rescue Navigator. During his last flying tour at 424 Sqn, he left his position as Navigator Leader and Chief Check Navigator to volunteer for a six-month tour in the Persian Gulf as the CF Central Air Force Command Liaison Officer.

Maj JAMES SIMIANA Military Public Affairs

Major James Simiana is the senior Outreach (external communications and public relations) Public Affairs Officer for the CF/DND in Atlantic Canada. A 16-year member of the Canadian Forces who has previously served as a spokesperson with the Chief of the Air Staff and the Counter-Terrorism Special Operations directorate of the DCDS Group, his operational deployments include Croatia, Bosnia and most recently, Sudan.

DON SISSON South-East Asia Correspondent

Don retired in Queensland, Australia following a career in journalism, public administration and military. A professional speech writer, Don was onetime Managing Editor of the Base Gagetown Gazette, and has served in artillery, infantry and service units. Commissioned at Camp Borden, Don has edited and managed newspapers and journals in capital and provincial newspapers before joining the PR world. Don's articles have been published in Canada, UK, USA and Australia. Don rates his stay on the Bay of Fundy and Northumberland Strait as one of the high points in his life. Don is associated with Service groups such as the Royal United Service Institute and the Returned Services League in Australia.

ELINOR SLOAN US and Canadian Defence Policy

Elinor Sloan is Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science, Carleton University, and is a former defence analyst with the Department of National Defence. She is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada (BA), the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton (MA), and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (PhD).

DOUG SMITH Disaster Mangement

Douglas G. Smith is a researcher and emergency manager. From 2002 to 2016 he worked as a contractor for the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC). He operated in Myanmar, Haiti, West Africa and Peru. Back on Canadian soil since 2017, he currently studies the roles of military forces in disaster management.


Wolf is a first generation immigrant child of Russian-Jewish parents who sought asylum as refugees in Canada. He joined the Army at the age of 19 as an Artillery officer. He was severely injured during a training exercise in England, but a prolonged period of rehabilitation, volunteered to transfer to Infantry, and was posted to the Algonquin Regiment, where he served as a First Lieutenant in command of a combat platoon in N.W. Europe. While still in Germany, he was seconded to the Department of Veterans Affairs, in Montreal, as a special "Rehabilitation Officer", to facilitate the discharge procedure and transition to civilian life of the waves of returning soldiers. Pursuant to various health complications and needs, he became a Long Term Care Resident at Ste. Anne's Hospital, some five years ago, where, though bound to bed and wheelchair, he has become an agitator/activist on behalf of his fellow-Veterans.

DAVE SPAGNOLO Systems Integration

Dave Spagnolo is currently the Vice President and General Manager of the Defence and Security operations of Thales Canada. Dave has held a number of positions with progressive responsibility within Thales for the past 15 years. Under Dave’s leadership, Thales has become a Premier System Integrator and Prime Contractor in Canada. The company has secured strategic positions in the areas of Army Command and Control, Force Protection, Communications, Mission Systems and Optronics.

K. JOSEPH SPEARS Maritime & Northern safety and security issues

A retired maritime barrister, Joe Spears is a principal of the Horseshoe Bay Marine Group (HBMG) in West Vancouver Canada. He has a long-standing interest in all aspects of emergency response, regulatory law enforcement and governance, and the growing impact climate change has on these issues in Canada, an arctic and ocean nation. Joe has acted as ad hoc civil agent for the Attorney General of Canada and has prosecuted federal offenses on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. He has developed and delivered a national investigation course for Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security. A graduate of Dalhousie University, with a Masters from the London School of Economics, London, England in Sea-Law law, Economics and Policymaking, he has acted for various private sector organizations and government departments as a legal, policy and training advisor (including commercial interests and insurers). A certified mariner and pilot, Joe is a frequent lecturer, commentator and writer both domestically and internationally on these issues. Joe has been writing for FrontLine since 2008.

ALAN STEPHENSON Air Force & Military

A Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, Alan Stephenson holds a PhD from Carleton University, and is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has 3600 fighter hours flying third-generation CF-104 Starfighters and fourth-generation CF-18 Hornets. He has held senior appointments in National Defence Headquarters, NATO and NORAD.


Dr. Harold Stocker has been a Defence Scientist with the Directorate of Science and Technology Policy (DST Pol), Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) Programs since 2001. In his 25-year career, following post-doctoral assignments, including with the National Research Council of Canada, he held progressively senior mgmt positions with the Atomic Energy Control Board (now, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission), and the nuclear regulatory authority in Canada. Although trained as a nuclear physicist, his interest and attention with DRDC are devoted to the study, analysis and assessment of emerging technologies in the defence and national security domains.


Warrant Officer Storey was the CEFCOM HQ War Diarist and OPI for Op KEEPSAKE which oversees the repatriation of mementos, memorials and artifacts from Southwest Asia.  Prior to joining CEFCOM HQ in 2008 as a Reservist, Ed had a 26-year career as a Geomatics Technician with Mapping and Charting Establishment in Ottawa where he served on UN, NATO and CF DART overseas deployments to The Former Yugoslavia, Central Africa and Central America. An avid collector of Canadian Army militaria, he has authored over two dozen magazine articles and a book on selected aspects of material history. He retired from the CF in 2012.

Colonel SEAN SULLIVAN Army & Electronic Warfare

Col Sullivan joined the “family business” straight out of high school under the Regular Officer Training Program. After graduation from the University of Manitoba and classification training he was commissioned as a Signals Officer. He held a number of field positions including as Commanding Officer of 2 Mechanized Brigade Group HQ and Signal Squadron and as the CO of 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment. He later held staff positions in project management and gained experience at the operational level during his three years as the J6 with the Canadian Special Operations Forces. He has two operational deployments to Afghanistan. In 2014 he was appointed to the position of the Director Land Command Information/Army G6 in the Canadian Army headquarters.

Dr. J. PAUL de B. TAILLON Military Intelligence

Dr. Taillon served 30 years in the intelligence community and is a published author who lectures in counterinsurgency, special operations, counterterrorism, intelligence, strategic issues, and leadership. Colonel Taillon’s 42-year military career included more than 22 foreign training missions and numerous deployments. He served as Counterinsurgency Advisor to the Commander Canadian Army, Commanding Officer of the Toronto Scottish Regiment, and served with the British Special Air Service Regiment, U.S. Army Special Forces, and Canada’s JTF2. He is Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Grenadier Guards.


Jean-Marc Tanguy is a defence journalist whose main focus is on airpower and special forces. Based in Paris, France, he has contrib­uted to more than 30 defence publications.

LCol RICK THOMPSON Air Force Simulation

Lieutenant Colonel Rick Thompson, Director of Air Requirements 7, is responsible for Modeling, Simulation and Common Training requirements for the Air Force. DAR 7 members work with Materiel and Information Management Groups to Direct and Manage the Canadian Advanced Synthetic Environment, the Air Force Integrated Information and Learning Environment and Air Technician Renewal capital projects.


Janet Thorsteinson is Vice-President, Government Relations at the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). Before joining CADSI, Janet enjoyed over 30 years as a federal public servant, mostly working in the field of procurement in DND and PWGSC. Her last position in the public service was as Executive Director of Military Procurement where she was responsible for developing and obtaining approval of the procurement strategy for the largest military procurement package since World War II. Janet is a professional engineer.

JEFFREY TRACEY International Security

His broad range of experience in International Security and disarmament affairs led Jeff Tracey to the post of Senior Advisor to Foreign Affairs’ Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament Division. He assisted in the establishment of the Chemical Weapons Convention and Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban National Authorities. Trained as a Chief Weapons Inspector with UNMOVIC, he spent time seeking WMD in Iraq and was evacuated just prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jeff is a former intelligence analyst with Canada’s Foreign Intelligence Division and was Canada’s technical expert during negotiations of the Open Skies Treaty.


Cornel Turdeanu is studying political science at Simon Fraser University. He is the president of the SFU Political Science Student Union and founder of the SFU Model NATO Club. He is drawn to NATO as it is a politico-military alliance based on the principles of democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of law. He is invested in raising awareness among students of the vital role that the Canadian Armed Forces play in Canadian security and society. He hopes he can engage students in a conversation about NATO and the armed forces by organizing events like the Global Model NATO Summit.


Dr Vallerand is the new Director of S&T Public Security of the Center of Security Science, a program that supports 21 Departments and Agencies with Homeland Security Research, Technology and Analysis (RT&A). With a career spanning 20 years in RT&A, Andrew specializes in research, design and implementation. He has established investment guidance and directions for Human Factors, Modeling & Simulation and Capability Assessment domains, led major S&T initiatives, mentored staffs and graduate students, and spearheaded several major S&T programs nationally and Internationally. He is now leading Homeland Security “S&T Communities of Practice” across the Whole-of-Government of Canada to address Capability gaps.

GORDAN E. VAN HOOK Naval Affairs

Gordan E. Van Hook serves as Senior Director for Innovation and Concept Development with Maersk Line, Limited in Arlington, Virginia. Retired from the U.S. Navy after 29 years, Gordan is now tasked to facilitate and strengthen MLL’s role as a valued business partner to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy. Gordan assists in maintaining an active dialog with DoD on maritime security issues and piracy, APMM/MLL commercial best practices, innovation in energy efficiency, sustainment, sea-basing, sealift, modularity and commercial ship conversions. In April 2009, he led the Maersk crisis response team in Mombasa, Kenya dealing with the Maersk Alabama incident.

Prof JOE VARNER Security Advisor

Joseph Varner has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence, international security, and diplomacy as a trusted advisor to the highest levels of the Canadian government. He holds certificates in Emergency Program Management, Hazardous Materials, and Disaster Recovery. Joe Varner is an Adjunct Scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute and is author of “Canada’s Asia-Pacific Security Dilemma.”

SERGE E. VIDALIS Strategic Security & Emergency Mgmt

Serge E. Vidalis is a former municipal police officer and retired Clearance Diving Officer who served in the Royal Canadian Navy. His career in naval special operations included work in explosive ordnance disposal, mine warfare and maritime counterterrorism. Serge is the President of Blue Force Global Special Services Group Ltd (Canada) and Blue Force Global LLC (USA), strategic security and emergency management firms. Serge holds a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, and is currently a Doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia researching the impact of culture on western security strategies.

ANDREW WARDEN Communications

Andrew Warden is the Maritime Affairs and Communications Manager for the Navy League of Canada. With over 12 years' experience with the cadet programme, Andrew also holds a Master's Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada in Security and Defence Management and Policy. He focuses on maritime security policy and Canada's developing position with regards to Arctic sovereignty and security.

BLAIR WATSON Contributing Editor

After graduating from Seneca College’s Aviation and Flight Technology program in 1989, Blair flew aerial survey in several countries. Between 1996 and 2005, he worked in air traffic control training, airport operations and project management, airline instructional design, and technical writing. He then began a writing career, covering military and homeland security topics. Sadly, Blair passed away in 2014.

CHRIS WATTIE Defence Journalist

Raised at naval air bases across Canada, Chris Wattie is now a senior national reporter with the National Post, specializing in defence and military affairs. He has written extensively on the Canadian military over his more than 20 years in journalism, for the Ottawa Citizen, the Canadian Press, and for the last 5 years, the Post. He has covered the 1991 Gulf War, peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, the NATO campaign in Kosovo, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was recently "embedded" with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Kabul.


Gregory D. Westfall is Marketing Manager, Raytheon Security and Transportation Solutions, Waterloo, Ontario. He is responsible for the development of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) business and is primarily responsible for marketing Raytheon’s High Frequency Surface Wave Radar, Marine Small Target Tracker and TracShare products. He is a recognized innovator in the field of MDA, a co-inventor in several key patents and has a particular interest in leveraging the power of networks and information sharing. Mr. Westfall believes the combination of HFSWR and space-based AIS holds the key to affordably protecting and managing the world’s fisheries for future generations.


Dr. Whitehead specializes in Policy and Program Evaluation, Criminology and Social Problems. In his 36 years as an academic and consultant he has worked with many provincial ministries and departments and published over 100 books, monographs and articles in scientific journals. He has completed numerous projects for the Canadian Forces on such topics as the use of alcohol and other lifestyle issues, the treatment of alcoholism and associated training, and behaviour of military personnel on deployment. He has done work for and with police services including the design and conduct of the only experimental study of the effectiveness of helicopter patrols in policing.

ALAN WILLIAMS Defence Management & Procurement

After holding senior positions at INAC, Mr. Williams was then appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Supply Operations at PWGSC where he was responsible for ensuring the fairness, transparency and integrity of the procurement process. Appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel) at DND in 1999, he was responsible for ensuring effective materiel acquisitions for both DND and the Canadian Forces. Retiring from the public Service in April 2005, Mr. Williams is now President of The Williams Group, providing expertise in the areas of policy, programs and procurement.

KELLY WILLIAMS Maritime Affairs
Col PETER WILLIAMS Canadian Armed Forces

Colonel P.J. Williams is the Commander of the Kabul Military Training Centre Training Advisory Group (2013). He has previously served on operational duty with the United Nations in Angola and Cyprus, and in Bosnia with NATO. He is a former Commanding Officer of the 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1 RCHA) in Shilo, Manitoba, and is a graduate of the Australian Command and Staff College. He holds a Masters Degree in History from the Open University in the United Kingdom and a Master of Management in Defence Studies from the University of Canberra. This is his second tour in Afghanistan.

MARK WILLIS International

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Mark Willis is a freelance journalist and contributing analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). His work primarily focuses on international and European political and economics affairs. Previously he worked as an analyst for Roubini Global Economics in London. 

Col (ret) ROBERT WILSEY Aviation

Robert Wilsey is a retired Colonel in the British Royal Marines with 31 years service. He has seen operational service in command of a rifle troop, a company and a battalion. A qualified helicopter flying instructor, he commanded 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron RM in Northern Iraq in 1991. After a tour with UNOMIG in Georgia, his final service appointment was as ACOS Amphibious Warfare at STRIKFORSOUTH, Naples. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and now works for CMC Electronics, an Esterline company. In his spare time he writes regularly on military history and early military rifles.

THOMAS WITHINGTON Defence Journalist

Thomas Withington is a defence journalist and writer based in France. He has published articles for a range of specialist and general publications on contemporary and historical defence matters. The author of four books, he is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Defence Studies, King's College London.

Sgt (Ret) TONY WYVER Security/Intelligence, Current Affairs

Tony served for more than 24 years in the Canadian Forces enjoying the fields of Meteorology and Intelligence. He worked in Canada with the Navy, Air Force and Army, and deployed to Europe and Cyprus, plus at sea on destroyers and supply ships. He retired as a Senior NCO and returned to school to become a Broadcast Journalist, gaining on-air radio and television news-writing experience. The Security sector called back and he held positions at various levels in the areas of Management, Quality Assurance and Client Services. Freelance writing allows him to write, utilizing his love of research, investigation, psychology, current affairs. He is proud of his family, Canada, and its rugged beauty. 

STEVE ZUBER Defence Industry

Steven Zuber is a Canadian defence industry executive with more than 30 years of experience, and joined David Pratt and Associates as a consultant in 2017. Prior to this position, he served as Vice-President and General Manager of DRS Technologies Canada Ltd, a mid-tier defence company in Ottawa, from 2012 to 2016. He joined DRS in 2000 as Director of Engineering, and later became VP Business Development. He led company business capture initiatives in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US Navy. Prior to joining DRS, Steven worked at various defence companies including Lockheed Martin Canada, Leigh Instruments Ltd, and Litton Systems Canada Ltd. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Royal Military College in 1979.