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After graduating from Seneca College’s Aviation and Flight Technology program in 1989, Blair flew aerial survey in several countries. Between 1996 and 2005, he worked in air traffic control training, airport operations and project management, airline instructional design, and technical writing. He then began a writing career, covering military and homeland security topics. Sadly, Blair passed away in 2014.

Articles by this writer

January 2014  |  Magazine, Magazine

Canada and other U.S. allies should monitor the sequestration situation, considering that its effects could again be “very damaging” to the American military.

September 2012  |  Magazine

The NATO training missions in Afghanistan have seen a new enemy tactic – NATO trainers are being shot by insurgents who have infiltrated the ranks of ANA and ANP recruits.

May 2012  |  Magazine

Strategic Implications for Canada’s Military

January 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

Naval amphibious training exercise included 11 countries.

September 2011  |  Magazine

Five Canadian fighter jets and 144 personnel policed the skies over Iceland.

May 2011  |  Magazine

Since 1936, Canada’s military has trained thousands of non-pilot aircrew from nations on four continents.

January 2011  |  Magazine

Are the economics of the Canada First Defence Strategy still workable almost years later?

November 2010  |  Magazine

Today’s Afghanistan is the product of ­generations of epic struggles, historical ironies, and a myriad of successes and ­failures – military and other.

September 2010  |  Magazine

As the CF proved by repeatedly crashing the Sperwer UAV in Afghanistan, proper training is critical to operating UAVs economically and efficiently.

July 2010  |  Magazine

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the most environmentally progressive organizations in the country also blows things up on a regular basis?

July 2010  |  Magazine

The Defence Ethics Programme may need to create a stronger presence as the military takes its lumps in the press.

May 2010  |  Magazine

An assessment of politics and corruption in Afghanistan politics.

November 2009  |  Magazine

Is DND addressed rising fuel prices? What kind of savings can be realized by fuel hedging?

September 2009  |  Magazine

The Great Lakes Deployment increases awareness of naval career opportunities, particularly in technical fields.

July 2009  |  Magazine

Construction at CFB Shearwater is under full swing. Rebuilding and modernizing after harsh downsizing, it promises to again become an important asset of the future.