Space & Satellites Advisor, Modeling & Simulation

Mr. Ken Krukewich was with the ADM(Mat) organization, responsible for developing and implementing the Joint Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements, Training and Support (JSMARTS) iniatitive. In this capacity, he introduced a Modeling and Simulation course and departmental software tools and services to support three dimensional simulation to DND. In February 2007, he joined the Surveillance of Space project, as Engineering Manager, which will launch DND's first operational satellite. This project has also been featured in FrontLine Defence. He is currently FrontLine's Advisor and correspondent for Space and Satellites. Mr. Krukewich has over 27 years of experience with space programs, both with industry and the Canadian Space Agency. Sadly, Mr Ken Krukewich passed away on November 20, 2009. We will cherish his time with us. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family.

Articles by this writer

November 2008  |  Magazine

It is vital to be aware of other satellites to allow precautionary measures to be taken if necessary. The goal of the Surveillance of Space Project is to ensure that Canada continues to receive priority access to the critical orbital data necessary to protect its national interests.

November 2007  |  Magazine

Thousands of objects such as satellites, defunct spacecraft, rocket bodies, and debris have accumulated in orbits around the Earth over the last 50 years. DND’s first ­operational satellite, known as Sapphire, will enhance national security through surveillance.

May 2006  |  Magazine

We are in the midst of another great breakthrough in Modeling and Simulation – a technological ­revolution facilitated by the emergence of very high speed computers that process huge amounts of information at an ever decreasing cost...