FrontLine Safety & Security 2012: ISSUE 1


Interoperability is the glue that will bind effective and efficient pubic safety response operations in the future.

When it comes to security related matters, co-ordination of activities is an essential element of success.

Maritime Cooperation in the Malacca Strait.

A 3-Part History of EMS in Ontario

Solutions Showcase

Canadians see Mexico on a split screen. On one side, they see a tourist paradise that attracts 1.5 million Canadians every year. On the other: a drug war that has claimed 50,000 lives in five years...

Manitoba`s Red River Flood

How Far Have We Come?

In this issue we have focused on Emergency Response, primarily medical, and reflect on some serious proposals on Emergency Medical Services in Ontario. The Culture of Safety exposes responder safety challenges and highlights some innovations to resolve some of those issues.

That are Ready for Emergencies

Protecting the Information Fortress

Billions Spent, Millions Wasted

CCGA Volunteers provide SAR in Canada's Arctic

The Canadian government expects 500,000 highway capable plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) on Canadian roads by 2018.

Issues facing the EMS professionals across the country.

The Strategy for a National EMS Culture of Safety asserts that "Emergency medical service (EMS) provider organizations nationwide potentially expose patients, practitioners and members of the public to preventable risk of serious harm, in contrast with advances in safety practices that have been broadly implemented in many other healthcare settings in recent years."

Situational awareness is crucial in a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and/or Explosive) incident.