FrontLine Safety & Security 2013: ISSUE 1

More than 127,000 volunteer firefighters provide services, largely in rural and remote areas, across Canada. What is that life like?

An exclusive FrontLine Security interview with Jean Pierre Fortin, National ­President of the CIU. A frank discussion of improvements and serious areas that still require effort.

The decision to arm CBSA officers enhanced border security, improved officer effectiveness, and brought the Canadian border services in line with those of most other western nations.

In this final installment of our series, we look at proposed courses of action to reduce the impact of illicit products.

A Sound 21st Century Approach to North American Security and Prosperity.

Do our immigration policies and procedures create enforcement gaps?

Examining consequences of adding a land-crossing fee at the Canada-U.S. border.

Given that thousands of people monitor police communications, do unsecured communications put officers at risk?

Policing the Border: An exclusive FrontLine Security interview about border issues with the USA.

Cross border communication interoperability is required for emergency response.

Public Affairs officers at CBSA respond to questions from FrontLine's Executive Editor, Clive Addy. This federal agency is responsible for the regulation and smooth flow and passage of legitimate people and goods across our borders into Canada.

Getting it right in border security is essential to reduce criminal activity and improve public safety.