PASCAL RODIER  |  May 2021

2020 presented a new challenge for safety and security professionals. COVD-19 impacted the globe with unprecedented response efforts at all levels. We saw hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, civil unrest, violence and domestic threats continue to impact communities as the safety and security sector modified strategies to adapt to the combined threat.

CLIVE ADDY  |  December 2020

With this edition, FrontLine Safety & Security welcomes its new Executive Editor, Pascal Rodier. His 30-plus years in public safety and emergency management will be a huge asset as he takes over the helm at FrontLine to continue bringing our readers pertinent content that is of interest to the Public Safety & Security communities in Canada and around the world.

PASCAL RODIER  |  December 2020

To say 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement – what a year to be inaugurated as the new Executive Editor! With COVID-19 affecting the entire globe, all crises now have to be approached through a COVID-19 lens. The FrontLine web site continues to alert you to relevant news briefs, and our e-newsletter keeps you up to date on current FrontLine articles and posts.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  July 2020

COVID has given us time to really see what we've done to the world, to evaluate our beliefs and the status quo. Don’t avoid the uncomfortable conversations, it's time to get with the 21st Century.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  October 2018

The recent revelation of a decision by Correctional Service Canada begs the question, how many other murderers are being released to spiritual healing lodges rather than serving their full sentences?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  August 2018

The usually calm Canadian summer has been disrupted by the unfortunate penchant for political tweets.

SCOTT NEWARK  |  September 2017

With the return of Parliament on the near horizon, three security issues are sure to attract attention: the $10.5M payoff to Omar Khadr, the border issue for refugees, and Bill C-59, which merit review in FrontLine.


At FrontLine, we search out new ideas and concepts that could help enhance safety and security, and there is a new approach for addressing complex projects and procurements.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  November 2016

There is a need to map out which groups and which people have the information, skills and techniques to contribute to a broad and integrative model of safety and security.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  September 2016

Working towards improvement of police-community relations is critical for successful future policing directions.