Interview: Dr Jim Anderson   –  November 2016

With a mandate to protect the protectors from biological warfare, Dr Jim Anderson heads the Biological Warfare Threat Medical Countermeasures project at National Defence.

An interview with Christyn Cianfarani   –  November 2015

CADSI President Christyn Cianfarani talks of new and interesting changes we can expect at Securetech this year. 

Interview: Paramedics   –  July 2014

FrontLine’s Executive Editor, Clive Addy, recently took the opportunity to speak with Dwayne Forsman, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Paramedic Association of Canada and Greg Forsyth, Superintendent Special operations of the Ottawa Paramedic Service some questions about the evolution of their profession.

Dr Michael Kempa   –  December 2013

A look at the rising costs of police work and the increased need for imaginative options.

Senator Hugh Segal   –  July 2013

Discussing the need for a national strategy that proactively addresses terrorism by emphasizing a community-based approach to preventing home grown radicalization and also to facilitate “deradicalization” efforts at home.

March 2013

Public Affairs officers at CBSA respond to questions from FrontLine's Executive Editor, Clive Addy. This federal agency is responsible for the regulation and smooth flow and passage of legitimate people and goods across our borders into Canada.

Jean Pierre Fortin   –  March 2013

An exclusive FrontLine Security interview with Jean Pierre Fortin, National ­President of the CIU. A frank discussion of improvements and serious areas that still require effort.

RCMP C/Supt Joe Oliver   –  March 2013

Policing the Border: An exclusive FrontLine Security interview about border issues with the USA.

James Arden Barnett   –  March 2011

The Chief of the FCC, U.S. Bureau of Public Safety and Homeland Security, discusses 700MHz bandwidth.

Lt-General Michael Jeffery   –  March 2010

An interview with Lt-General Michael Jeffery drives home the need for strong leadership to ensure a resilient national security infrastructure.

Brian Rexrod   –  March 2010

Brian Rexrod exposes privacy threats.

Commissioner Bud Mercer   –  March 2009

Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer, Chief Operating Officer of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, has an enormous task to prepare security for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.